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Posted on October 4, 2007


It is conference season, and having just returned from speaking at the National Association of Educational Procurement (NAEP) New York Chapter’s Annual Fall Conference I thought that I would share some of the other notable events and happenings in the world of procurement.  By the way the NAEP event was very well organized and it was a pleasure to be a part of it.

Green Purchasing Summit (Hosted by eyeforprocurement)

Scheduled for November 29th and 30th, 2007 in Miami, Florida the Green Purchasing Summit features an impressive list of speakers that will provide you with first-hand experience on “How to grow a green procurement plan that’s worth its weight in gold.”  See the “Green Purchasing Summit” link under the PI site’s Blog Role for further details.  (Note: Mention the Procurement Insights Blog to receive a 20% discount.)

Adjacent to this conference, eyeforprocurement is also hosting two podcasts featuring Kristin Pierre (Manager, Green Suppliers Network US EPA) and Mary Ellen Mika (Manager Environmental & Diversity Supply Chain Management for Steelcase).  Here is the corresponding link for details on the podcasts: 

Procurement Insights related posts on Green Procurement are; The Greening of Procurement (Part 1) – July 20th, 2007 and The Greening of Procurement (Part 2): It’s not easy being Green! – July 26th, 2007.  Both are accessible through the Green Procurement link under the PI Sites Categories section.

Government of Canada Procurement Practice (Hosted by CABiNET)

The Canadian Business Information Technology Network (CABiNET) will be hosting a breakfast and presentation on October 22nd from 7:30-9:30 AM at the Hampton Inn on Coventry Road near Riverside.

As the featured speaker I will be sharing my research on and assessment of the GoC procurement model and how it compares to those of other public sector organizations from around the world. (Note: a recently released UK Report found that 85% of all eGovernment initiatives worldwide fail.  Highlights from this report will also be presented.)  In particular, I will focus on the current GoC model’s impact relative to SME engagement.

To find out more about the session see the direct link to the “CABiNET” web site under the PI Blog site’s Blog Role.

Procurement Insights related posts on Public Sector Procurement are; Public Sector Procurement Practice and the Principles of External Economies, Clustering and the Global Value Chain – August 28th, 2007 and The FOSS(ilization) of the supply chain: The risks of a strategy centered on Free Open Source Software – September 27th, 2007.  Both are accessible through the Procurement Trends link under the PI site’s Categories section.

Fifth Annual International Symposium on Supply Chain Management (Hosted by MeRC, PMAC and ORNEC)

The 2007 theme of this highly successful annual conference is; “Partnering through technology: The role of third-party service providers.”

Scheduled from October 17th to 19th, 2007 in Toronto, Ontario, this two-day symposium will outline recent research on the most critical supply chain issues, and discuss solutions adopted by industry leaders. The focus this year will be on partnership building through technology and the role of third party service providers.

I am scheduled to present Part 4 of my Changing Face of Procurement series, Winning Strategies for Vendor Engagement on Friday, October 19th at 9:45 AM.  (

In the afternoon of the 19th, I will also be one of the panelists discussing the topic E-tendering Developments for Procurement Professionals. (

See the “2007 Symposium” link under the PI site’s Blog Role for further details.

Sourcing Innovation (Cross-Blog) Series

Michael Lamoureux’s Sourcing Innovation Blog will once again be the host site providing access to interesting posts by noted bloggers from the Supply Chain world.

Through this annual event, the Sourcing Innovation site will “track and cross link all entries” to ensure that no reader misses a beat in terms of accessing insightful posts on the issues that influence procurement practice.

Be sure to check out Michael’s site through the “Sourcing Innovation” link under the PI site’s Blog Role.

PI Blog Link through CPO Agenda 

CPO Agenda is an international business review designed specifically for chief procurement officers and senior purchasing and supply chain executives in larger organizations.

Published four times a year, I have found CPO Agenda to be both informative and insightful.  I have especially enjoyed the Roundtable sessions featuring supply chain leaders from various organizations offering experienced opinion on a variety of timely topics.

Recently, CPO Agenda has added a direct link to Procurement Insights under the Community information section of their web site (

At $155 US (yes, there is a discount for participating institutes), a subscription would definitely be a worthwhile investment (  (Note: you can also access CPO Agenda through the “CPO Agenda” link under the PI site’s Blog Role.)

Procurement Insights related posts on CPO Agenda Roundtables are; Procurement’s expanding role and the executive of the future – August 3rd, 2007.  This post is accessible through the Procurement Trends link under the PI site’s Categories section.

Summit Magazine: Canada’s magazine on public sector purchasing

From federal, provincial and municipal governments, to hospitals, school boards, crown corporations and other public agencies, the public sector is big business in Canada – $100 billion worth of big business. Summit magazine, flagship publication of the Summit Group, examines the intricacies of procurement for the buyers and sellers who populate that marketplace. The breadth of topics covered includes green purchasing, electronic tendering, legal and ethical issues, lifecycle and asset management, public-private partnerships, proposal writing and evaluation, professional development and best practices, plus much more.

As a semi-regular columnist, I am pleased to be a contributor as Summit is truly Canada’s number one publication for the public sector professional.

Please take the time to visit the Summit site at, or through the “Summit Magazine” link under the PI site’s Blog Role.

Upcoming Posts: The Navy IPO, Foreign Procurement Group and the Defence Trade Advocacy Program: Defining Foreign Purchasing Practices in Defence Spending?

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