SME’s Once Again Voice Concerns Over Government of Canada Shared Services Strategy

Posted on February 22, 2008


While I am on the road this week in Houston at a speaking engagement, recent developments from the home front regarding the Government of Canada’s “Managed Services” initiative has again raised alarms within the Canadian SME community.

Based on initial comments received from senior industry representatives, the concerns are fueled by the belief that the new strategy will for all intents and purposes exclude Small to Medium Enterprises from major government contracts. Specifically, that the “TBIPS and SBIPS will be superceded by a couple of winner-take-all contracts awarded to very large multi-nationals.”

Since I have not yet had the opportunity to analyze the details from this developing story, I cannot offer a definitive opinion at this stage. However, these same senior representatives have already forwarded documentation, which they tell me will provide a clear indication of the Government’s intentions.

Over the next few days I will review the information at length and will dispatch a detailed analyses early next week through my collective international network.

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