Beyond Lean Six Sigma, the hidden IP value in contracts and bridging the procedural – operational gap in the acquisition of services

Posted on August 1, 2008


Based on the initial level of positive response it is clear that you have noticed that I have launched a Sponsorship Program for the Procurement Insights Blog.

As you know, I have historically resisted previous sponsorship overtures as a means of maintaining the highest degree of neutrality in my articles and white papers.  However, it has become apparent that providing you with an ability to reliably access “relevant” information on the panalopy of supply chain related services and solutions is an important resource in terms of your practice.  The value of which has been further demonstrated by the frequency in which I have been approached by the professionals who attend my conferences requesting input on a variety of issues.  

A Sponsorship Program With A Twist!

I now recognize the clear importance of providing a comprehensive service that will enable you to go beyond the realms of analyzing case references and the diverse methodologies that define the modern supply practice.  And by providing true intelligence on the leading players in today’s market, you will have a solid opportunity to practically apply the insights offered through the PI Blog.  

To accomplish this objective, while still maintaining the uncompromising neutrality you have come to expect, we developed an all-inclusive program that ensures full access to all “quality” sponsors regardless of size or budgetary considerations.  This includes associations as well as non-profit enterprises.

For a nominal fee of $250 per year, these sponsors are offered  a level playing field through which they can share their unique value propositions with our readership.  A process that is unique to Procurement Insights as it is structured around an environment that is conducive to your preferred tempo and specific needs.

The program will provide you with multiple points of access to each vendor through three primary service links; the “Our Sponsors” listing in the Pages section, the direct URL links to individual sites through the Link To Our Sponsors section, and an ability to access PowerPoint presentations as well as videos through the Sponsor Presentations section.

In addition to the above, I will also be writing profile articles on each sponsor focusing on the key elements of their services or solutions and the “proposed” relevancy in terms of addressing the diverse requirements of a modern or global supply chain practice.  However, and this is a critical element of each post, my writing will not be along the lines of an infomercial or a mother’s reference piece, but instead will adhere to the highest standards of thorough research and responsible reporting.  In short, there are no free passes – a benefit and necessary byproduct of a nominal $250 annual sponsorship fee.

An Open-Ended Dialogue

What this means, is that I will delve into all areas of the service or product in the context of how it relates to the real-world challenges we face on a daily basis from both an individual or organizational perspective as well as from an industry persective as a whole.

The value of this approach is that it fosters a honest and open environment where the free exchange of ideas and experiences can be shared on a non-confrontational basis.  (Note: honest and constructive comments from all interested parties is encouraged.)

As a member of the PI Blog readership, and in the words of Joe Friday, you will get “just the facts” without the superfluous words of a madison avenue ad exec.   

For the sponsors, they gain access to a highly informed group of professionals within a venue where there are no hidden agendas or axes to grind.  This is an important element of the program as more and more organizations are taking their first bold steps towards leveraging the power of both Web 2.0 and the emergence of social networks to establish important communication links with their target audiences.

Integration Within The Current PI Format

Starting next week, I will begin posting the first in a series of profile articles.  These posts in and of themselves will provide important and non-branded insights into the dynamics of the forces which are reshaping supply chain practice.  And while there will be references to the individual sponsor’s services or solutions, it will be in the context of their unique approach to addressing a particular challenge.  The veracity of which will be solely your responsibility to assess.  In short, I will facilitate the introduction.  I will not however become an advocate for the sake of the sponsor relationship (now you can see why the $250 annual fee was an important part of the program).

And as outlined in the Editor’s Note which appears in the Our Sponsors section, while the apperance of a sponsor’s logo should not be construed as an endorsement by Procurement Insights, we have made a firm commitment to ensure that only the most credible organizations are provided with access to you our valued reader.   As such you can be certain that a sponsor’s appearance is a reflection of the high standards of ethical conduct under which they operate.

Upcoming Posts

We will be introducing two or more new profiles next week which will include:

Metric Synchronization Versus Standardization: The Real Value Behind IEE (Smarter Solutions)

Identifying the Hidden Intellectual Property (IP) Value in your Organization’s Procurement Contracts (Future Path)

The Disconnect between the Procedural Demands and Operational Requirements of Effective Contract Services Engagement (CW Solutions)

Use the following URL Link to learn more about the Procurement Insights Sponsorship Program:

Here is a list of our current sponsors (with additional sponsors scheduled for posting over the next few days): Canadian Public Procurement Council, CW Solutions, Enterprising Non-Profits, Future Path, MERX, My Success Tree, PrintVision, QStrat Software, Smarter Solutions, Summit Magazine


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