eSourcing software promotes procurement transparency: How New Zealand’s use of technology to facilitate procurement best practices established them as the leader in transparent public sector purchasing (Upcoming Guest Post)

Posted on October 22, 2008


In an upcoming guest post by Patrick Dobbs, he will explain how the Government of New Zealand has assumed the leadership mantle in terms of implementing a fully transparent procurement process.

Moving beyond simply policy-making, which transformed the New Zealand program from an optimistic goal to a dynamic reality, Dobbs will discuss the process and technology that led to the government being “rated as the least corrupt on Earth.”

With contract awards being challenged at all levels of the public sector, including the recent FACIL suit against the Quebec Government contesting that Province’s procurement practice relative to software acquisition, the context in which the Dobb’s article is presented will make for interesting reading.

While I would like to stress that neither Mr. Dobb’s appearance in Procurement Insights, nor the positions he presents in his article are to be construed as an endorsement by Procurement Insights, I felt that it was a compelling piece that will undoubtedly stimulate wide discussion (nee debate).  As always, I will leave it up to you to ultimately determine the veracity of the concepts presented as well as their viability in the public sector.

Author Bio

Patrick Dobbs is the CEO of SupplierSelect, an eSourcing software company based in London, UK.  He has been working with eSourcing software since 2001 and previously help positions with Anderson Consulting (Accenture), Reuters, AT&T and the UK public Sector.

Patrick Dobbs
Patrick Dobbs



Look for the Patrick Dobbs’ post later this week.

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