SPONSOR NEWS: Corporate United’s New Website Enhances Membership Collaboration

Posted on February 13, 2009


CLEVELAND – February 10, 2009 – Corporate United, the nation’s leading group purchasing organization with more than 100 Global 2000 companies representing every industry sector, has redesigned its web to offer additional education, networking and corporate collaboration opportunities to spend management and procurement professionals.

Corporate United employs corporate collaboration through each pillar of its value proposition – leverage, knowledge, support and efficiency – making it the most unique procurement services provider in the spend management space.

In an effort to further enhance the networking, education and collaboration opportunities among its members, suppliers and other professionals within the spend management community, Corporate United’s new website includes a Knowledge Center.  Providing a single source of information for indirect spend management professionals, the Knowledge Center includes:

·        A Functional Alignment Centre – which provides procurement information specific to departments such as human resources, IT, facilities, operations, etc.

·        A Blog Center – which provides a blog directory for industry experts like Jason Busch (Spend Matters), Charles Dominick (Purchasing Certification), Justin Fogarty (Supply Excellence and Jon Hansen (Procurement Insights).

·        Spend Management Materials – which offers timely news and trends written by industry experts.

·        Indices – American Unit Labor Costs, Trucking Cost Index for USA, US Consumer Price Index Crude Oil and US Prime Rate.

·        Analyst Reports & Research – which provides research reports on relevant industry topics.

·        Events calendar – a calendar of industry events and webinars.

Corporate United members also gain access to the site’s message board, which is an online forum that allows them to connect with other members to discuss industry news, trends, best practices, questions, job postings, etc.  Members also have access to the member directory and the interactive roadmap, which provides an up-to-date view of current projects and categories in the pipeline for sourcing.  Corporate United members can express interest in joining a sourcing committee, recommend categories for sourcing and communicate with the Corporate United sourcing team directly.    

A recent survey conducted among Corporate United membership, indicated that 78 percent of the respondents said that they had utilized an answer/recommendation provided by respondents on the message board.

The new Corporate United website also includes indirect spend category solutions, category-specific case studies and more.  To see the website and its Knowledge Center, please visit www.corporateunited.com.



In my August 20, 2008 post titled “The Web 2.0 Association: A Dynamic Engagement Between Stakeholders Sharing The Same Interests And Goals” (https://procureinsights.wordpress.com/2008/08/20/the-web-20-association-a-dynamic-engagement-between-stakeholders-sharing-the-same-interests-and-goals-canadian-public-procurement-council-profile/), I expressed my opinion that “traditional membership models for many associations have become somewhat stagnate in that they are not effectively aligned with the emerging Web 2.0 world of dynamic engagement between stakeholders sharing the same interests and goals.”

I went on to state that the leadership of the organization that was being profiled truly understood “the unique challenges members face in a world of increased scrutiny and dynamic change,” and therefore must be “more than a mere collection of names in which member count alone is the defining measurement of success.”

I concluded that to be truly effective, organizations such as a Corporate United needed to “create and facilitate an environment in which an active and timely collaboration of ideas and ideals are the cornerstone of a relevant program of service.”  The fact that for the third consecutive year more than 20 companies have joined the Corporate United organization is a testimony to just how effective they are in terms of creating the “knowledge-based” platform that reflects the values associated with the emerging Web 2.0 collaborative enterprise.

And similar to the Flywheel concept presented in Jim Collins’ book Good To Great, the thoughtful and informed planning that has manifested itself in the dynamically interactive knowledge exchange that is now the Corporate United website solidifies the group’s enduring value, even during the current economic downturn.

In the spirit of John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address in which the country’s 35th President challenged the nation to “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country,” Corporate United’s attitude of service to its membership is the foundation upon which a successful enterprise whether it be a purchasing group, association or institute ensures its sustainable relevancy in an ever-changing world.  For this reason, Corporate United and those organizations that share the same edict, does in fact represent the “new frontier” for the member services sector.     


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