AMR Research’s Mickey North Rizza Interview Now Available On-Demand

Posted on June 10, 2009


Effective enterprise-wide collaboration, a true understanding of the challenges you are trying to address as well as taking ownership relating to your organization’s services procurement strategy are just a few of the key areas that you as a client have to identify and address internally before you should even contemplate the viability of an individual provider’s services procurement solution.

This of course does not discount the role that vendors can and should play in contributing to a client’s success.  In fact, and ironically, the vendor’s ability to create the necessary awareness of the areas upon which a client should focus to achieve success has little to do with their actual technology, and more to do with their organization’s “sales maturity.”

These are just a few of the interesting and essential insights that were discussed in my interview today with AMR Research’s Mickey North Rizza on the PI Window on Business segment “Taking Measure of an Acquisition.”

Use the following LINK to access the on-demand version of the broadcast, then visit the PI Window on Business group site on LinkedIn to submit your questions and/or comments on services procurement.

PI Window on Business “Guest Panel” to discuss the legitimacy of blogging

Is blogging and related social media heading in the same direction relative to governance and accountability?

In the June 11th PI Window on Business broadcast, we are joined by a panel of guests who themselves have established a presence in the blog sphere in their respective areas of practice to answer the question “Has Blogging Crossed the Threshold of Legitimacy?

Joining us as part of our guest panel is Dr. Ellen Brandt, Ph.D., who after being away from formal journalism for more than a decade, drew on her content skills from 30 years of magazine feature writing to emerge as the winner in the Community Marketing’s Great Blog Off.  This week she launches her new blog “Baby Boomers – The Angriest Generation”; Christine Springer, MA, CLDP who owns Desert Edge Legal Services; Betsy MacKinnon, Vice President Marketing and Communications at Inquisix who has a long history in the entertainment industry where she oversaw areas such as movie development; Elizabeth Hannan, an on-line evangelist at Pragmatic Marketing whose firm focuses on leveraging the new media to elevate brand awareness; and David Bush, CEO Iasta, a supply chain software company and the creator and editor of an industry leading blog the e-Sourcing Forum.

For complete Bio information on guests please visit the PI Window on Business Group on LinkedIn.

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