As 23rd Annual Virginia Forum 2010 comes to a close, three Commonwealth buyers offer their view on the conference

Posted on November 18, 2010


Once again, and as a testimony to the power of social media, we were able to quickly traverse the virtual airwaves to connect with three Commonwealth of Virginia buyers who were kind enough to provide their unique perspectives on this year’s Forum and the emerging trends in the world of public sector procurement.

Lynn Phillips

Brian Bailey & Steve Seldom

This is a great 30 minute segment that compliments our extensive coverage through both the PI Window on Business Show and Essential Connections Blog

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The Essential Connections Blog features guest posts by industry experts such as Judy Bradt, IACCM’s Tim Cummins, Richard Stiennon and Mark Amtower to name just a few.

Remember to check out the Virginia Forum 2010 Event Page which includes links to the on-demand broadcast of select sessions including access to the corresponding PowerPoints.