Pitching a Joe Namath-type guarantee, COUPA has both the moxie and track record to pull it off

Posted on June 2, 2011


Okay, maybe COUPA’s Jason Hekl wasn’t sitting poolside besieged by a cacophony of reporters clamoring for a big story.

Joe Namath guarantees the win in Super Bowl III

Maybe Jason wasn’t getting ready to go before a packed Orange Bowl crowd and millions of television viewers.

However, and with the same moxie and a track record of successes a mile long, Hekl delivered a Joe Namath-type guarantee that should put the staid old ERP fuddy duddies on notice that the game in terms of eProcurement has changed.

For those who may be too young to remember the Namath guarantee – likely non-NFL fans because even the gridiron young have heard the Namath story, go directly to the following video, and join those of us who remember a little later in the post.

In an all too brief PI Soundbite interview, COUPA’s VP of Marketing took time out of a busy schedule to respond to my questions regarding the guaranteed savings being offered to new clients by the company.

Rather than detract from your enjoyment of listening to a great 10 minutes of meaningful conversation I will direct you to the following links which pose two very important questions.

In the first excerpt I ask Jason about his views regarding the possibility of having to deal with the usual market cynicism  surrounding guarantees.

In the second excerpt we discuss the impact on one’s career if they accept COUPA’s offer of guaranteed savings.

In the meantime, please be sure to tune into the PI Window on Business on Blog Talk Radio for the complete interview which will be aired on Friday, June 3rd.


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