With SciQuest selection, Deloitte’s demonstrates once again why professional services firms should stick to number crunching by Jon Hansen

Posted on November 28, 2014


SciQuest Star Banner

With posts such as It’s the end of the world as we know it . . . at least for traditional analyst firms and bloggers, and my questioning the wisdom of a blogger’s decision to feature Deloitte’s Brian Umbenhauer as a co-author of a post on SaaS Vendor Selection/Implementation Tips, you are not likely going to be surprised by today’s title.

This being said I do not intentionally or proactively look for reasons to criticize the traditional – alright, let’s just call them old and out of step pundits – for their missteps.  However, and based upon Deloitte’s selection of SciQuest as one of the “fastest growing” companies on their 2014 Technology Fast 500 List, it is difficult to ignore, let alone remain silent.

Like the time one of our kids attempted to flush an entire roll – okay 3 rolls – of toilet paper down the toilet, simply to see if it could be done, you can’t help but wonder “what are they thinking?”

Reminiscent of the old Geico living under a rock commercials, you would literally have to be living under a rock not to know what is going on with SciQuest.  Yet, here you have one of the “Big Four” professional services firms extolling the virtues of a company that is in obvious trouble.  Good thing Deloitte is not in the travel business otherwise one might find themselves booked for a winter getaway to Afghanistan – which is definitely not the kind of hot spot you would want to visit.  Personally I would prefer the Bahamas – but that’s just me.

So here is my question . . . what is Deloitte’s thinking?

Seriously, any insights or answers you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


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