Will NIGP CEO Rick Grimm Be Stepping Down? by Jon Hansen

Posted on June 9, 2015


“An alternative would be that Grimm is terrified of what he might be facing at the conference, and as a result is hoping that this news re Buffum’s testimonial and the CIPS honor will have an impact with the membership . . .”

The above is an excerpt of a statement I made during an off the record discussion with one of the many readers who have been following my #CodeGate coverage.

It was in response to the question do you really think that Rick Grimm will step down as NIGP CEO?

As I had indicated in my post yesterday, and keeping in mind that a discussion surrounding a Grimm “retirement” is purely speculative, it is not out of the realm of possibility. However, given the timing of the accolades in relation to the upcoming annual Forum, an equally compelling argument could be made that Grimm is campaigning to keep his job – or at least minimize the negative fallout from the #CodeGate scandal.

Whatever happens, the fact remains that there are serious problems with the NIGP, including the stewardship of the NIGP Code. Given that so many have come forward to voice their concerns, means that said issues have created a significant division amongst the membership, and you know what they say about a house divided.


What all of this ultimately means is that the August Forum in Kansas City, is going to be a defining moment in the NIGP’s long history.

Obviously my invitation to attend has been lost in the mail, but if you are a member of the NIGP, then this is a Forum that you should not miss.

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