What Is The Future Of Procurement Publications?​

Posted on April 4, 2017


Last week, My Purchasing Center named Dennis Bouley as the publication’s new Editor. Bouley is a content marketing guy, with no background in procurement.

Supply & Demand Chain Executive recently changed editor’s as well. Their former editor is now freelancing. At this stage, I do not know if the new editor has a procurement background.

So why are these stalwart publications of the purchasing world making these changes and, why – at least in the case of My Purchasing, are they opting for editors who do not have a background in procurement?

When I posed this question to one industry pundit, this is what they had to say; “there is a lot of pressure to keep costs down. Hence the hiring of people without actual procurement experience.” They then went on to add, that with My Purchasing, the recruitment of the new editor is just “slowing the downward slide of the site.”

Here is my question to you; by hiring key people who do not have a background in procurement, are purchasing publications still credible sources for meaningful insight into our industry?


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