Do Service Providers Choose The Right​ Clients?

Posted on June 27, 2017


First, there was the Commonwealth of Virginia. Now there is Santa Clara County.

Both have achieved amazing things in their respective procurement practices. So much so that I have often referred to them as beacons of excellence in the realms of public sector procurement.

As I watched the following video which was just released on June 14th, I noted that Santa Clara uses SAP Ariba. Why does this matter? (NOTE: click on the image to watch the short video.)

Because Virginia has also used Ariba.

SAP Ariba SC Video

Now some might immediately conclude that Ariba is the common denominator for success and that their technology provides a decided advantage.

For those who have followed me these past 10 years, you know how I feel about technology; while an important piece of the procurement success puzzle, it is not the deciding factor regarding whether or not a successful outcome is achieved. Based on years of experience covering our industry, it has become clear that capable people working together can overcome questionable technology, while good technology cannot overcome questionable people resources.

What is the take away from the Virginia and Santa Clara successes?

Service providers should spend more time on choosing the right clients rather than focusing on winning the business first and worrying about making it work later.


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