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(NEW WHITE PAPER) Yes Virginia! A Profile In Excellence

October 19, 2008


Who Can Benefit from this Paper? This thought provoking white paper is an essential resource tool for public sector organizations that are already in the midst of an established program, or ones who are contemplating a change. Although they do not operate within the same framework of a public or government entity, private sector companies can also […]

Yes Virginia! e-procurement that works (Column Link)

February 26, 2008


On the heels of the recent SOS from SMEs who are concerned with the direction of the Government of Canada’s policies relative to procurement practice, the following link to my latest column (Paradigm Shift) in Summit Magazine is worth revisiting. ( The success of the Commonwealth’s eVA program (in which their approach to stakeholder engagement […]

Yes Virginia Revisited! Why some e-procurement initiatives succeed and others don’t! *(A Summit Simulpost)

October 23, 2007


In a recent post that appeared in my Procurement Insights Blog titled The Ariba Interviews: Re-engineering the Future of On-Demand, ( I reviewed a series of interviews I had with a senior executive from Ariba as well as members from the company’s PR firm. Of the considerable feedback I received as a result of the […]

Yes Virginia! There is more to e-procurement than software! (Part 2)

September 20, 2007


In Part 1 of this posting, I shared with you information from my recent interview with Bob Sievert (Director, eProcurement Bureau for the Commonwealth of Virginia).  As indicated, Bob had contacted me in response to the Ariba posting (The Ariba Interviews: Re-engineering the Future of On-Demand, August 31, 2007) indicating that their experiences would “fit […]

Yes Virginia! There is more to e-procurement than software! (Part 1)

September 12, 2007


My recent post on the series of interviews I had with Ariba garnered considerable interest and feedback.  By far the most interesting (and insightful) comments came from the Commonwealth of Virginia.  What was compelling about the Virginia response was their willingness to provide a perspective from what they referred to as the “other side of […]

Managing change is the key to Virginia’s continuing success with eVA by Jon Hansen

June 19, 2015


Change is inevitable. Our ability to not only recognize this immutable truth, but adapt to it, is the key to whether change will be a good thing or not. In my post yesterday, I talked with IACCM’s CEO and founder Tim Cummins about the importance of leadership succession planning. His reference to Warren Buffett’s “progression of the […]

Virginia’s eProcurement Bureau Director to provide the client point of view with a regular column in the Procurement Insights Blog

August 28, 2012


The first time I had the pleasure of talking with Bob Sievert back in August 2007 was when he contacted me regarding a then recent post titled The Ariba Interviews: Re-engineering the Future of On-Demand? After introducing himself and sharing with me a brief overview of Virginia’s eVA initiative, Bob asked if I would be interested […]

Define, Align and Quantify: Expert Guest Panel Opinion Regarding Virginia’s Supplier Diversity Report

January 26, 2011


It was to say the least a fast-paced and definitive review of the recently released Governor’s Supplier Diversity Advisory Board’s report that came out of Virginia last week. Joining me for the 60 minute segment was Mark Amtower and Colin Cram, both of whom have a breadth and depth of experience in terms of public […]

Guest Panel Discussion regarding Virginia’s Supplier Diversity Advisory Board’s just released report set for the 25th of January

January 20, 2011


As indicated in my post of January 18th, the Interim Report from the Governor’s Supplier Diversity Advisory Board provides both an interesting (and yes timely) review of procurement policy and practice in Virginia. While the document, which is 42 pages in all, does in fact drill down into critical areas including; Certification, Marketing and Outreach, […]

Virginia Call-In Show Provides A Few Interesting Insights

July 30, 2009


Yesterday’s PI Window on Business call-in show regarding the recently released Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission’s (JLARC) report on how Small-Medium Enterprise suppliers have been affected by the Commonwealth’s eVA procurement platform provided a few interesting insights relative to communication, pay-to-play fees and the related (and growing) cash surplus. While the JLARC Briefing highlighted […]