Writing/Ghostwriting Services

Besides writing this blog since May 2007 for which I have more than 14,000 followers, I also write and ghostwrite for C-Suite Executivespoliticians, and celebrities, guest blog for software companies, as well as being a regular contributor for the GoDaddy Blog.

In all the years that I have written/ghostwritten blogs it is essential to have a voracious appetite for various topics, the ability to articulate the post’s theme or message engagingly and concisely that entertains as much as it informs and to post regularly.

In short, if I can build up my following to more than 14,000 and write for countless other blogs, I know that I can deliver similar results and value to you.

As your ghostwriter/writer I can:

– take your thoughts and vision to a whole new level
– engage your audience in a way that will capture
– create buzz and drive sales opportunities

Please drop me a line here on my blog or send me an email at jon@pimedia1.com.

Website: https://ghostwriterauthor.com/


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