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Why Mickey North Rizza can’t go home again . . . or can she?

June 21, 2013


In Part 2 of yesterday’s post in which I wrote about Jason Busch’s proclamation that he is moving on regarding his “thinking,” I was posed with an interesting question. If after spending years with a service provider, a journalist/analyst may lack the necessary objectivity to “effectively” cover the market, what are my thoughts if this […]

With SaaS-Sprawl Fear Tactics Falling on Deaf Ears and Continuing Lawsuits 2010 is a Year most ERP Vendors Would Probably Like to Forget! Yet Few in the Industry Tell the Story?

November 14, 2010


I have on many occasions wondered why over the years, there has been little if any coverage on the continuing (and still growing list of) failures on the part of ERP-centric initiatives to deliver results given the seemingly inexhaustible number of case references that have appeared in a variety of mediums including television news. Like […]

500th Procurement Insights Post – Toyota’s Latest Trouble . . . GM all over again, except from within North America

February 22, 2010


This Wednesday in the first of what will be a quarterly appearance on the PI Window’s “Business Thought Leaders Series,” expert author Bill Michels will talk about the recent Toyota recall including the role that the auto manufacturer’s supply chain has and will play in this unfolding story and, the launch of ADR Academy’s new […]

According to latest Coupa parody, Ariba’s Spendguy is more Spentguise

February 17, 2010


The correlation between dynamic vision and technological ingenuity with brand development and acceptance in the emerging world of social media has yet to be really established. However, I would have to say that based on Coupa’s entertaining utilization of the new medium, it is no surprise that this energetic creativity extends to the company’s solutions.  […]

Shared Services and Outsourcing Network’s The Year in Review and the Year Ahead

December 7, 2009


When I was recently contacted by SSON‘s Jamie Liddell to provide my thoughts on “The Year in Review ” for 2009, as well as “The Year Ahead” in 2010, relating to shared services and outsourcing I must admit that there was no shortage of ideas and reference material. Over the past 12months I have had […]

Horses for Sources and Other Outsourcing Insights

June 16, 2009


According to recent studies, two-thirds of all outsourcing programs fail to achieve the expected results.  In fact some studies even suggest that this estimate is low putting the number as high as 90 percent.  And this is not a new phenomenon. Referencing a 1995 Gartner Group survey only 37 percent of the clients interviewed expressed […]

AMR Research’s Mickey North Rizza Interview Now Available On-Demand

June 10, 2009


Effective enterprise-wide collaboration, a true understanding of the challenges you are trying to address as well as taking ownership relating to your organization’s services procurement strategy are just a few of the key areas that you as a client have to identify and address internally before you should even contemplate the viability of an individual […]