MY CPO Strategy Article: Procurement At The Digital Edge

CPO Strategy Article June 2019

How smart and lean is your agile procurement practice?

June 18, 2019


Here is an article I wrote for the Italian Procurement Magazine Year 5 number 2 – 2019 on lean and agile procurement. Share your thoughts here or feel free to post your comments on the magazine site itself via the following link:

Procurement At The Digital Edge

June 13, 2019


Hello, my faithful readers. I have been on an assignment the past month traveling to Montreal for the 100th Anniversary SCMA Conference where I was on a panel discussing the future of procurement – more on that at a later date. I have also written several articles for different magazines around the globe, including this […]

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May 14, 2019


This article by an end-user client presents one of the best eProcurement strategies I have seen in my close to 25 years in the procurement world.

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How to find the right job in procurement

April 25, 2019


As a writer, I have the opportunity to cover a diverse range of topics. While some of the articles I write for the various publications that employ my services do not have a direct tie-in to procurement, many of them do. This recent article I wrote for Sainoo titled Networking And Job Hunting: How To Find […]

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Is it time that we step aside and let technology manage our relationships?

April 22, 2019


As you know, I write for many different publications, one of which is a new science and technology publication; Nirvanium. In my most recent article titled Human Inconsistencies In A Digitally Harmonious World, I pose the question “does technology collaborate better than people?” Based on my research, one could make a reasonable argument that we procurement […]

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New Knowledge Note: The Amazonization Of The Distributor Supply Chain

April 22, 2019


Referencing the March 27th QSTRAT webinar Beyond Accuracy: How Distributors Are Transforming Customer Experience In The Digital Age my latest Knowledge Note will tap into the findings of the webinar’s panel of industry thought leaders in providing you with a clear outline of how you as a distributor can not only survive but thrive in […]

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Procurement Execs Take Note: YOU ARE Part Of The Collaboration Process

April 10, 2019


As you know, I write for many publications on a variety of topics. Sometimes there is an overlap between the different media regarding the applicability of the subject matter about which I am writing. Such is the case regarding today’s post on collaboration. In my latest article for Flock, I provide my take on what […]

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