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A Top 50 Procurement Influencer

April 15, 2021


Honored to make the Thinkers360 Top 50 Procurement Influencer list (April 2021). Be sure to check out my article in The Procurement Magazine – Destructive innovation: How the pandemic will change procurement and our supply chains for the better 30

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What is the future for procurement professionals?

June 4, 2021


What does 2021 and beyond hold for the procurement professional. This short eBook will tell you what to expect.

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What it feels like each time I enter the CPO ARENA as the show’s host

June 3, 2021


While I can't promise you the same exhilarating experience I get every time I enter "The Arena," I can promise you that your time with us will be well spent!

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CPO ARENA Panel’s Beefs & Bouquets (Nipendo Solution)

June 3, 2021


In this 7-minute video the CPO ARENA panel discusses the pros and cons of the Nipendo solution.

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How Digitization Will Change Procurement and the Supply Chain

May 19, 2021


I posed the following question to thought leaders from the practitioner, provider, and academic communities: "how will digitization change procurement and supply chain?" In this article I share their insights.

Getting beyond the Twilight Zone of data access (Series Part 2)

May 12, 2021


When you hear the term data accessibility, what immediately comes to mind? Not what you may think. Read on.

Watch Episode 5 of CPO ARENA: the Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank of the procurement world

May 11, 2021


In a departure from our usual service provider presenters, Sourcing Solved introduces the industry's very first procurement talent analyzer - an online performance roadmap to identify and align the unique capabilities of procurement pros with organizational objectives.

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Getting beyond the Twilight Zone of data uncertainty

May 5, 2021


How confident are you in the quality of your data. Today's article will help you to answer that question.

CPO ARENA Service Provider Synopsis (Nipendo)

April 21, 2021


A concise and to the point assessment of the Nipendo solution by the CPO Arena Panel.

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Destructive innovation: How the pandemic will change procurement and our supply chains for the better

April 16, 2021


How has the pandemic changed procurement for the better? In this article we talk about COVID’s influence on how procurement will work in the future.

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