HICX – An Interview on the Challenges Facing Procurement Today with Jon Hansen

The Greening of Procurement: How Social Consciousness is Re-Shaping Procurement Practices (White Paper)

April 15, 2008


What is the key to ESG success? Bridging the gap between sustainable capitalism and sustainable purchasing.

Certification: What is the earning potential in the public sector versus the private sector?

August 12, 2022


Why would you choose a procurement career in the public sector versus the private sector (or vice versa)?

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Governance In the Value Chain: Do Your Suppliers Really Have a Voice?

August 10, 2022


How much of a voice do your suppliers have in your relationship with them - are they transactional order takers or strategic partners?

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Top 10 Procurement Influencers: An Exciting Time In Our Industry!

August 5, 2022


Here is your introductory roadmap to engage with and learn from our industry's most thoughtful and innovative thinkers.

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How much more money will someone with a procurement certification make versus someone who doesn’t have one?

August 2, 2022


What impact do you believe a certification has had (or will have) on your career and earning level?

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What condiments do you put on your hot dog?

July 27, 2022


As a ubiquitously popular item, how would you, as a procurement professional, deal with the current mustard shortage, and how would you prevent it from happening in the future?

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According to the US Federal Reserve, “fixing global supply disruption is key to avoiding a recession.” So, how do we fix it!

July 19, 2022


Why is fixing global supply disruption the key to avoiding a recession?

HICX – An Interview on the Challenges Facing Procurement Today with Jon Hansen

July 19, 2022


What are the biggest challenges we face as procurement professionals today?

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Should the Lawsuit Against Skittles Candy Be a Procurement Concern?

July 19, 2022


Should a company's brand image and value be a concern of procurement?

“Doors you couldn’t touch, switches that melted and wheels that turned square” – Why do PPPs usually fail?

July 9, 2022


This post, which garnered almost 93,000 views, stimulated one of the more interesting and energetic dialogues with which I have been involved since joining LinkedIn in 2007.

Diversity For The Sake Of Diversity Doesn’t Work

July 8, 2022


Why can't a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Hiring Practice be both the right thing to do, and the smart thing to do?

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