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Getting Procurement Out of The Digital Transformation Rabbit Hole, e.g., Cost Savings and Digitalization

October 24, 2022


Why do procurement digital transformation initiatives succeed or fail?

Digital Readiness: How To Build A Digital Culture That Embraces The Future Rather Than Fears It

September 1, 2022


Why do procurement professionals fear digital strategy implementation the most?

When Will Procurement Bridge The Gap Between Digital Promise And Realization?

May 28, 2022


When will we fully embrace emerging digital technologies and finally abandon the reliance on "old tech" such as spreadsheets?

Study from the Sourcing Industry Group and Globality reveals nearly 95% of enterprises still have not modernized their operating models

March 28, 2022


The digital transformation of buying services is taking on new importance. This paper tells you why and how to start your organization’s initiative.

Overcoming Legacy Integration Challenges in a Digital World

October 27, 2021


There are three main challenges when it comes to integrating emerging digital tech into a legacy environment. In this webinar our panel tackles these challenges head on.

What does “automating” procurement really mean and how do you achieve success with your initiative?

February 6, 2020


Why do organizations struggle to realize the benefits of their digital procurement strategy? The answer; look beyond the technology.

Images from an exciting Horizon 2019

December 19, 2019


The transformation of the supply chain is easier to envision than execute. At Horizon 2019, this panel of thought leaders shared their strategies for success.

New Knowledge Note: Finding an Alternative to Spreadsheets & Email

November 27, 2019


What are the top 3 reasons why procurement pros continue to rely on spreadsheets?

Horizon 2019 Leadership Panel: Best Practices In Driving Procurement’s Digital Transformation

November 14, 2019


Why did these organization's digital transformation initiatives succeed, and how can you duplicate their success.

Is RPA The Gateway to the Digital Transformation of Procurement? (Procurement Foundry Special)

November 14, 2019


Is RPA the "one small step" for digital transformation to become reality?