How Painful Are the Hidden Costs of an ESG Strategy?

August 17, 2022


Given procurement's traditional focus on costs, have we calculated the true cost of an ESG strategy?

In Excess: How Target and Walmart are struggling with more inventory than they can sell

August 16, 2022


How can digital technology such as sourcing solutions help procurement to better manage inventory?

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Certification: What is the earning potential in the public sector versus the private sector?

August 12, 2022


Why would you choose a procurement career in the public sector versus the private sector (or vice versa)?

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Governance In the Value Chain: Do Your Suppliers Really Have a Voice?

August 10, 2022


How much of a voice do your suppliers have in your relationship with them - are they transactional order takers or strategic partners?

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Top 10 Procurement Influencers: An Exciting Time In Our Industry!

August 5, 2022


Here is your introductory roadmap to engage with and learn from our industry's most thoughtful and innovative thinkers.

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How much more money will someone with a procurement certification make versus someone who doesn’t have one?

August 2, 2022


What impact do you believe a certification has had (or will have) on your career and earning level?

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What condiments do you put on your hot dog?

July 27, 2022


As a ubiquitously popular item, how would you, as a procurement professional, deal with the current mustard shortage, and how would you prevent it from happening in the future?

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According to the US Federal Reserve, “fixing global supply disruption is key to avoiding a recession.” So, how do we fix it!

July 19, 2022


Why is fixing global supply disruption the key to avoiding a recession?

HICX – An Interview on the Challenges Facing Procurement Today with Jon Hansen

July 19, 2022


What are the biggest challenges we face as procurement professionals today?

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Should the Lawsuit Against Skittles Candy Be a Procurement Concern?

July 19, 2022


Should a company's brand image and value be a concern of procurement?