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Are The PHISH Biting Your Procurement Department?

November 21, 2022


As a procurement professional, how much do you rely on email and spreadsheets to communicate with your suppliers? Do you know the risks?

Does Procurement Pundit Advice Have A “Shelf Life?” Unravelling the Supplier Relationship Mystery

November 14, 2022


When someone offers you advice, what makes it good?

Is procurement an adjunct of finance, or is finance an extension of procurement?

November 11, 2022


Who at your company is at the supply chain wheel - procurement or finance?

“Enough with having a seat at the table talk?”

November 11, 2022


Here are my thoughts regarding a great post by Steve Walton - what do you think?

How has procurement’s approach to negotiating with suppliers, e.g., lowest cost, impacted our ability to negotiate higher salaries for ourselves?

October 31, 2022


According to recent data, new procurement hires receive 9% to 10% more than existing employees within the same company.

To what degree should Rotax and their Canadian Parent Bombardier Recreational Products be held responsible for the “unauthorized” use of their engines in Iranian-made Russian military drones?

October 25, 2022


Rotax engine found in Iranian-made drone used by Russia to bomb Ukraine - to what degree is procurement responsible?

Getting Procurement Out of The Digital Transformation Rabbit Hole, e.g., Cost Savings and Digitalization

October 24, 2022


Why do procurement digital transformation initiatives succeed or fail?

Making A Case for Maverick Spend and A Maverick Mindset

October 18, 2022


Why is maverick spending bad? Maybe in the right circumstances it is good - but what are those circumstances?

To what degree as the C-Suite’s view of procurement’s role and contributions today changed/improved from the past?

September 17, 2022


I just read a thought-provoking post by Philip Ideson lamenting the fact that procurement people are generally viewed as being dinosaurs. Here is my comment to his post.

Will expanding casual Fridays to the rest of the week encourage more workers to return to “office life?”

September 13, 2022


Would a flexible policy on work attire encourage you to return to working from the office?