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Procurement Velocity – Are Spreadsheets Still A Viable Tool?

August 5, 2020


Are spreadsheets still a thing in procurement?

The end of Procurement

August 4, 2020


Originally posted on Commitment Matters:
COVID-19 is prompting numerous changes in society, the economy and commercial relationships. Many are changes that would have occurred anyway, but the pandemic is generating a new sense of urgency. Examples range from the massive debates over racism and equality, to a rethink of economic management, the discussions over working…

18-Minutes: Bringing Procurement To The World – Procurement Foundry’s Michael Cadieux

June 4, 2020


Imagine having 6 espressos followed by a Red Bull Chaser. That is the kind of high-octane discussion you will enjoy when you join me to talk with "Procurement Industry Fanatic" and the Founder of Procurement Foundry Michael Cadieux.

Contracts: Tools of collaboration or weapons of enforcement

May 1, 2020


Agree or Disagree: Contracts have to become less of a weapon of enforcement and more of a tool of collaboration for not only rebuilding our supply networks but managing them more effectively.

COVID Truths or Myths: Is the food supply chain breaking, and what does SC disruption really mean?

April 28, 2020


When we hear that 78% of supply chains have been disrupted, what does it really mean at the end-consumer level?

Despite the obvious challenges, social distancing measures would fall apart if not for supply chains

April 23, 2020


As "stretched" as our supply chains have been due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they are still performing rather well in some important areas. Check out my latest article in Procurement Foundry to see where they are having a positive impact.

Procurement professional 2.0: Why our industry needs a talent reboot

April 20, 2020


I wrote this article before the current COVID-19 pandemic became a global crisis. However, the need for a talent reboot is even more important today than before - read why.

COVID Truths or Myths: IACCM Survey results regarding supply chain disruption, what CPOs may be missing that can cost them big time, and where’s the “meat”?

April 20, 2020


According to IACCM surveys, supply chain disruption is on the rise - how do we flatten the curve? and more.

Covid Truths or Myths: Chaos and piracy in the supply chain, turning the DSO screws and bottling pay equity

April 14, 2020


PPE tarmac piracy, why Contract Management Software is good (and potentially bad), equal demands, demands equal pay and more from this past week.

Broken chains and brand corrosion: How the gig economy is undermining major brand images

April 8, 2020


During the COVID-19 crisis pop-up distributors are everywhere, but what risk do they pose to product manufacturer brands? In this article we examine the risks and responsibilities associated with the sale of products through the circular supply chain.