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Understanding Risk Management in 30-Seconds (Video)

March 29, 2023


Take 30 seconds . . . Video Part 1 of 2 - the reaction when talking about managing risk. Video Part 2 of 2 - what happens when you ignore risk management.

The Very First Blog Post

March 10, 2023


What was the topic of your very first blog post? (share the link in the comments).

Successful supply chain transformation comes down to knowing the difference between digitization and digitalization

January 5, 2023


Do you digitize or digitalize your supply chain? Your answer will make all the difference in the world.

How Has COVID Changed Our View of Contracts and Contract Management?

December 14, 2022


When it comes to better contracts and improving contract management is it a legal issue or a data issue?

To what degree should Rotax and their Canadian Parent Bombardier Recreational Products be held responsible for the “unauthorized” use of their engines in Iranian-made Russian military drones?

October 25, 2022


Rotax engine found in Iranian-made drone used by Russia to bomb Ukraine - to what degree is procurement responsible?

Supplier Management During a Crisis (eWorld 2022 Special Podcast)

September 20, 2022


How has the pandemic strengthened your relationship with your suppliers?

To what degree as the C-Suite’s view of procurement’s role and contributions today changed/improved from the past?

September 17, 2022


I just read a thought-provoking post by Philip Ideson lamenting the fact that procurement people are generally viewed as being dinosaurs. Here is my comment to his post.

According to the US Federal Reserve, “fixing global supply disruption is key to avoiding a recession.” So, how do we fix it!

July 19, 2022


Why is fixing global supply disruption the key to avoiding a recession?

Should the Lawsuit Against Skittles Candy Be a Procurement Concern?

July 19, 2022


Should a company's brand image and value be a concern of procurement?

Isn’t It Time We Diched Procurement ‘Savings’ As A Meaningful Measure Of Performance? (Guest Post)

June 13, 2022


Is it time to change the way we measure procurement success?