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Why the Answer to Digital Success is On Your Breakfast Plate

March 17, 2023


Regarding your strategic partnerships, which type of partner are you dealing with? With which kind of partner should you be dealing?

In what ways has purchasing evolved over the past 40 years?

March 8, 2023


In what ways has purchasing evolved over the past 40 years?

Midnight in the ChatGPT Garden of Good and Evil: A New Level of Critical Thinking?

March 6, 2023


When you hear about ChatGPT what do you think - why is it good or bad?

Inflation Through a Generational Lens: More Than Just Rising Prices and Shrinking Value?

January 19, 2023


What is the best way for procurement to deal with inflation and shrinkflation – generationally speaking?

Successful supply chain transformation comes down to knowing the difference between digitization and digitalization

January 5, 2023


Do you digitize or digitalize your supply chain? Your answer will make all the difference in the world.

Why should 2023 be the year we finally drop the word “purchasing” from our industry vocabulary?

January 4, 2023


Is it time to "retire" the word purchasing?

What Would a Procurement Advent Calendar Contain?

December 21, 2022


What would you want in a procurement Advent calendar?

How Has COVID Changed Our View of Contracts and Contract Management?

December 14, 2022


When it comes to better contracts and improving contract management is it a legal issue or a data issue?

What the World Cup 2022 Taught Me About Procurement’s Parallax View

December 2, 2022


Which picture represents the old view of procurement (transactional, cost savings), and which one represents the true view of procurement (strategic, enterprise-wide impact)?

Are The PHISH Biting Your Procurement Department?

November 21, 2022


As a procurement professional, how much do you rely on email and spreadsheets to communicate with your suppliers? Do you know the risks?