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What the World Cup 2022 Taught Me About Procurement’s Parallax View

December 2, 2022


Which picture represents the old view of procurement (transactional, cost savings), and which one represents the true view of procurement (strategic, enterprise-wide impact)?

Are The PHISH Biting Your Procurement Department?

November 21, 2022


As a procurement professional, how much do you rely on email and spreadsheets to communicate with your suppliers? Do you know the risks?

Is procurement an adjunct of finance, or is finance an extension of procurement?

November 11, 2022


Who at your company is at the supply chain wheel - procurement or finance?

“Enough with having a seat at the table talk?”

November 11, 2022


Here are my thoughts regarding a great post by Steve Walton - what do you think?

Who, What, When, Where, and Why – Facing The Risk Question Head-on!

November 9, 2022


Who, What, When, Where, and Why risk is a procurement problem . . .

Would you let a 7-Year-Old interview and hire your next procurement star?

November 3, 2022


How will AI versus a human conduct an interview, and will we get better results?

Today’s economy: What is the impact on procurement and sourcing and how is it different from the past?

October 29, 2022


Since 1900 the U.S. has weathered 13 recessions - with the worst economic disaster being the great depression which lasted from 1929 to 1939. Procurement has weathered bad economies in the past - why is this time different?

To what degree should Rotax and their Canadian Parent Bombardier Recreational Products be held responsible for the “unauthorized” use of their engines in Iranian-made Russian military drones?

October 25, 2022


Rotax engine found in Iranian-made drone used by Russia to bomb Ukraine - to what degree is procurement responsible?

Making A Case for Maverick Spend and A Maverick Mindset

October 18, 2022


Why is maverick spending bad? Maybe in the right circumstances it is good - but what are those circumstances?

The Procuretech Podcast with James Meads: Procurement Media through the Years

September 22, 2022


Which do you prefer: podcasts or blogs?