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Supplier Management During a Crisis (eWorld 2022 Special Podcast)

September 20, 2022


How has the pandemic strengthened your relationship with your suppliers?

Procurement Insights This Week

September 19, 2022


I will be speaking at the following three events this week - you can check them out and listen online.

To what degree as the C-Suite’s view of procurement’s role and contributions today changed/improved from the past?

September 17, 2022


I just read a thought-provoking post by Philip Ideson lamenting the fact that procurement people are generally viewed as being dinosaurs. Here is my comment to his post.

Is Six Sigma, Lean and SCOR Still Relevant in A Dynamically Changing World? (A 2009 Procurement Insights White Paper Revisited)

September 3, 2022


Is Six Sigma, Lean and SCOR still relevant today?

As a procurement professional, would you rather work for a large or small company, or go independent as a contractor?  

September 2, 2022


From a personal career standpoint, is your company's success your success?

Digital Readiness: How To Build A Digital Culture That Embraces The Future Rather Than Fears It

September 1, 2022


Why do procurement professionals fear digital strategy implementation the most?

According to the US Federal Reserve, “fixing global supply disruption is key to avoiding a recession.” So, how do we fix it!

July 19, 2022


Why is fixing global supply disruption the key to avoiding a recession?

HICX – An Interview on the Challenges Facing Procurement Today with Jon Hansen

July 19, 2022


What are the biggest challenges we face as procurement professionals today?

Should the Lawsuit Against Skittles Candy Be a Procurement Concern?

July 19, 2022


Should a company's brand image and value be a concern of procurement?

Procurement in 5-Minutes: What is talent in the digital age?

July 7, 2022


Rapid technological and organizational change means that workers must now reinvent themselves multiple times throughout their working lives – Deloitte