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Teague post in the Procurement Leaders blog regarding the repatriation of call centers timely, but is it too narrow in it’s focus?

January 31, 2011


I have for some time, been covering the impact of government policy in key areas such as outsourcing and offshoring including its economic effect in relation to the Clark and Fourastie three (now four) sector hypothesis regarding the evolution of a wealthy nation’s economy.  You can access these as well as other links from past […]

Thought Leaders Series with Brad Feld: Huffington’s 3rd World warning to the U.S. not new but timely

May 23, 2010


In what is still one of the most popular segments in the history of the PI Window on Business Show, with more than 4,200 downloads in the 48 hours immediately following the live broadcast, Brad Feld’s perspectives on the need for Founders Visa’s for foreign students who, after graduating from prestigious American colleges, are eager […]

New Business Thought Leaders Series Launched on the PI Window on Business Show

February 19, 2010


As announced in my December 31st, 2009 post “Exciting New Vistas Await the PI Window on Business Show in 2010” on the PI Window on Business Blog, we have launched the new Business Thought Leaders Series in which we will be joined by industry experts to share their perspectives on the key areas of everyday […]

Exciting New Vistas Await the PI Window on Business Show in 2010

December 31, 2009


With the New Year now just a few short hours away, I wanted to take a few moments to talk about a number of the exciting additions to the PI Window on Business Show for 2010.  To those of our readers who are in the world of procurement and supply chain practice, we will also […]

Are Shifting Rules and Government Investment in Canadian Firms the Real Obstacle to Foreign VC Funding?

December 16, 2009


“Every time we make an investment in a Canadian company or do some sort of transaction with a Canadian company we have a whole set of “surprises” (and I put quotes around the word surprises) that we have to figure out each time, so there is always a new set, or different set of rules […]

Outcry Over Section 116 Clearance Certificates: Legitimate Barrier for Foreign Investment Firms or Convenient Scapegoat?

December 11, 2009


New York, October 12, 2009 – Just 17 venture capital funds raised $1.6 billion in the third quarter of 2009, according to Thomson Reuters and the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA). This level represents the smallest number of venture funds raising money in a single quarter since the third quarter of 1994 when 17 funds […]

Foreign and Domestic Capital Investment: A Matter of Opportunity Versus Choice

December 4, 2009


This paper addresses an important omission in the venture capital literature by comparing the monitoring behavior of foreign and domestic venture capital firms (VCs). Evidence from 31 VCs in India (84% response) shows foreign VCs were significantly more likely than domestic VCs to be involved at the strategic level while domestic VCs were significantly more […]

The CATA Press Release RE Their 116 Campaign: A Just Cause Lost in a Sea of Self-Serving Rhetoric

December 1, 2009


Canada’s venture capital industry is in trouble. That industry is seriously underfunded, while Canada’s emerging technology and life sciences companies are so capital-starved they risk being uncompetitive in the North American market. At the same time, much needed and sought after US capital that could richly fund that industry and those companies is being blocked […]

Snakes in a Playpen: Why U.S. Policy Regarding H-1B and EB-5 Visas is Outdated and Ineffective

November 22, 2009


In an earlier post from the spring I had talked about the manner in which inspiration usually hit me in terms of ideas for the articles that ultimately find their way to the pages of this as well as other blogs. I had bemoaned the fact that at the time I had not yet incorporated […]