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SWaM: A Transformation in Mindset from an Adjunct Undertaking to an Economic Necessity (Report on Virginia Forum 2008)

December 3, 2008


“On August 10, 2006 Governor Timothy Kaine signed Executive Order No. 33 (2006) focusing on enhancing business opportunities for small, women-and-minority-owned (“SwaM”) businesses.  It shall be the goal of the Commonwealth that 40% of its purchases be made from small businesses.  This includes discretionary spending in prime contracts and subscontracts.  The Department of Minority Business […]

An Advocate for the Little Guy: How CABiNET has provided an Important Voice for High-Tech SMEs in Canada (CABiNET Profile)

October 27, 2008


“Shared Services is different from the diametrically opposite model of Outsourcing which is where an external third party is paid to provide a service that was previously internal to the buying organization, typically leading to redundancies and re-organization.  There is an on-going debate about the advantages of Shared Services over outsourcing.  It is sometimes assumed […]

While We Were Sleeping: A Story of Misdirected Efforts in the World of Public Sector Procurement Policy

February 29, 2008


It has been one of the more interesting weeks in the world of Government of Canada procurement policy-making. Despite the numerous “outward facing” storylines that can be pursued in terms of GoC activity, the real action (or lack thereof) is actually within the supplier community itself. I am of course referring to the ongoing inability […]