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The Greening of Procurement (Part 2)

November 3, 2011


The Environmental Connection? What does this mean in terms of environmental considerations?  One might conclude that those organizations that fail to adapt to a new reality and are therefore destined to mediocrity at best or extinction at worst, are less inclined to embrace innovative imperatives such as sustainable capitalism. Others might suggest that the newer […]

(NEW SEMINAR) Sustainability Facts and Fiction: Linking Green Idealism and Practical Business Application

October 17, 2008


“In our rapidly evolving capitalist economies, where it is in the natural order of things for corporations to devour competing corporations, for industries to carve up and digest other industries, one emerging form of capitalism with a fork – sustainable capitalism – would certainly constitute real progress.” From Cannibals With Forks – The Triple Bottom […]

The Greening of Procurement: How Social Consciousness is Re-Shaping Procurement Practices (White Paper)

April 15, 2008


What is the key to ESG success? Bridging the gap between sustainable capitalism and sustainable purchasing.