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In the Year 2020 . . . Workforce

July 12, 2011


As posted this past past Friday, each day this week I will be providing my take on the top 5 predictions for the year 2020 from Bob Lohfeld’s July 7th Washington Technology article aptly named 5 predictions for the 2020 market. Today we tackle prediction number 2, the workforce. Lohfeld’s prognostication: The workforce will be […]

The tax repatriation holiday . . . a boom for high tech firms but a bust for the economy and jobs?

June 20, 2011


Think about this for a moment . . . American-based companies who have become global powerhouses because of the tremendous opportunities afforded them by being based in America, invest up to 90% of their money outside of the country as a means of avoiding taxes.  While the Financial Times article indicated that the high tech […]

House of Lords tackle the question; Can public procurement be used as a tool to stimulate innovation?

January 25, 2011


As I spend an increasing amount of time crisscrossing the pond I have seen an emerging trend that is perhaps a strong reflection of the globalized nature of our collective world, including within the arena that is public sector procurement. What I am talking about is the commonality of challenges that many governments are now facing […]