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With the failure of the electric car concept in America what impact will this have on the lithium ion battery global supply chain? (Part 2)

December 2, 2011


If, however, there are 30 CDs produced and demand is still at 20, the price will not be pushed up because the supply more than accommodates demand. In fact after the 20 consumers have been satisfied with their CD purchases, the price of the leftover CDs may drop as CD producers attempt to sell the […]

From the impact on the automotive industry to the near-term pricing and margin pressure considerations of the high tech sector, coverage of the Japan disaster has been a mixed bag of targeted relevancy

March 21, 2011


“The problem is that there’s so much uncertainty,” Mr. Toprak said. “The supply-chain problem is a much more dramatic one than what the automakers are portraying. Even if they were able to come online in two weeks, which I think is wishful thinking, there’s a couple hundred thousand units to make up already, and nobody […]

(Guest Post) Why Optimization Matters: Moving Beyond Price Driven Auctions

May 6, 2009


By Dr. Olga Raskina, Lead Scientist, Emptoris This article is the first in a three-part series of guest articles on optimization by Dr. Olga Raskina, Lead Scientist, with Emptoris, the supply and contract management solutions provider. As the Lead Scientist for Emptoris and someone who spends a great deal of time focusing on the impact […]