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The arrest of former president of SNC-Lavalin raises the question; Is the Government’s integrity policy based on the fruit of the poisonous tree principle? by Jon Hansen

April 12, 2013


News reports announced that “Pierre Duhaime, former president of SNC-Lavalin, was arrested at his Montreal-area home Wednesday on charges of fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud and using forged documents.” While one may be inclined to simply shake their head at this most recent example of the avarice and moral decline of yet another corporate executive, […]

Move of IT buying to SSC lays the foundation for getting the job done right! by Andy Akrouche

April 10, 2013


“By moving away from each department independently managing these activities, there are opportunities to drive economies of scale, achieve savings for taxpayers and improve services,” the budget reads. “Moving forward, the government will explore further whole-of-government approaches to reduce costs in the area of procurement of end-user devices and associated support services.” The above is […]

Why does the press always confuse malfeasance with incompetence?

October 13, 2010


There are many reasons why I love talking with my friends from the world of traditional media who call me on occasion to provide feedback regarding the ongoing machinations associated with public sector procurement policy and practice within the Canadian Government (GoC). To start, they are invariably well informed, eager to dig up the facts […]

The JLARC Review: Looking Beyond the Statistical Surface (Part 3)

April 24, 2009


The one common element, besides the irony that both the Government of Canada’s and Virginia’s programs were launched in 2001, is the paucity of either statistical or empirical proof to support the current mandates. For example Virginia’s Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee’s (JLARC) reference to a survey, in which 95 out of a possible […]

An Advocate for the Little Guy: How CABiNET has provided an Important Voice for High-Tech SMEs in Canada (CABiNET Profile)

October 27, 2008


“Shared Services is different from the diametrically opposite model of Outsourcing which is where an external third party is paid to provide a service that was previously internal to the buying organization, typically leading to redundancies and re-organization.  There is an on-going debate about the advantages of Shared Services over outsourcing.  It is sometimes assumed […]

Quantifying The Intagible: How LM3 Cuts Through The Haze Of Partisan Agendas (LM3 Profile,

October 10, 2008


“On October 30th, 2006 Sir Nicholas Stern released his Review, The Economics of Climate Change. Stern described climate change as an economic externality which is an economic transaction that generates a positive or negative (re pollution, global warming etc.) effect for an uninvolved third-party such as the general public. Practically speaking, you could refer to […]

Reader reaction continues to be strong for Barry Bonds’ Post . . .

March 17, 2008


The Barry Bonds’ post has appeared to strike a chord with readers in terms of being a conceptual touchstone in that strong viewpoints are now being presented by what was previously perceived as being a largely dormant, disinterested populace. Here is just one more example of the reactions I have received from what now appears to be […]

Further to the Barry Bonds Post . . .

March 14, 2008


The response to the Barry Bonds post through both the PI Blog as well as e-mail has been tremendous.  Be sure to check out the comments that have been posted (with more to come), as they are indicative of the prevalent attitudes amongst stakeholders in terms of the Government of Canada’s Shared Services strategy. One […]

Shared Services Simplified or How Barry Bonds’ Bat Weight Explained GoC Thinking

March 12, 2008


I was recently asked to provide a contextual point of reference that would assist the uninitiated public in understanding the reasons why the GoC’s Shared Services program has become such a contentious issue. The Answer was Baseball! Rather than getting into a complicated dissertation of the differences between an agent-based model versus an equation-based model […]

Upcoming Posts include Release of Lisbon Strategy Report on Public Policy and Globalization

March 7, 2008


Washington State Shares Top Spot in 2008 PEW Center Report  The next State I will be reviewing in my continuing series on the findings of the 2008 PEW Center Grading the States Report is Washington. Provided in the context of a 2005 detailed analysis of the University of Washington’s procurement practice, in which I closely […]