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Should Public Sector Procurement Be Outsourced To Private Enterprise?

March 15, 2017


Talk of privatizing or outsourcing the public sector procurement function is nothing new. Referring to a post I had written on this blog back in October 2007, Dr. Ronald Utt had actually proposed the privatization of the General Services Administration or GSA through an employee buyout. In a Heritage Foundation paper dated May 26, 1995, […]

UK public sector veteran calls GSA $2.5 billion RFQ interesting but . . .

June 8, 2011


Given that this is cloud computing week on the Procurement Insights blog . . . reminds me of the old Mike Douglas Show (yes you would have to be in your 50s to remember Douglas’ talk show), which was big for themed segments, we are focusing a great deal of electronic print on the GSA’s […]

Making local government more workable through shared services

May 14, 2009


In this era of “permanent fiscal crisis,” local governments have no choice but to seek out new and better ways of providing the services citizen’s demand within the constraint of available resources. (1) This may explain why nearly twice as many (58 percent to 31 percent) local governments in 2002 as in 1992 contemplated alternative […]