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Fiscal realities and Government contracting (Part 4): Supplier cause and effect

September 9, 2011


It is a funny thing that as a writer when you put the virtual pen to paper you never really know what will or will not strike a note with your readers.  All you can truly hope is that your passion for the subject matter coupled with sound research practices will  prove worthy of consideration […]

Wayne Wouters, Gershon and the PS Union Suit = Shared Services

May 9, 2009


There were a number of other disputes in the public services during the year with several pay disputes across the UK decentralized civil service pay bargaining arrangements.  However, the largest industrial action there involved workers in the Department of Works and Pensions protesting at the planned 30,000 job cuts imposed as part of the Gershon […]

Latest PWGSC Press Release Changes Little

May 8, 2009


Last evening took an interesting turn as I began to receive notifications of the latest press release from the Minister of Public Works and Government Services Christan Paradis regarding the Government Enterprise Network Services: 2009 Industry Consultations Report. The following is a copy of the press release in its entirety followed of course by my […]

Synchronization Versus Compression Should Guide Government Procurement Policy (200th POST)

April 22, 2009


Government is never boring. On one hand you have the Government of Canada who despite earlier hopes has once again reverted to muscling a shared services platform down the unwilling throats of stakeholders, the majority of whom oppose the current direction. A move which is ironically being introduced at the expense of the very business […]

An Oasis of Creative Thought and Action in a Desert of Conflicting Policy (Associated Manufacturing Marketing Group Profile)

October 6, 2008


“From a domestic engagement perspective, public sector procurement practices are leading to an erosion of the overall supply base.  This escalating level of erosion and its negative impact on innovation was initially presented as part of an October 2002 U.S. report by the Executive Office of the President. Specifically, the practice of contract bundling which […]

While We Were Sleeping: A Story of Misdirected Efforts in the World of Public Sector Procurement Policy

February 29, 2008


It has been one of the more interesting weeks in the world of Government of Canada procurement policy-making. Despite the numerous “outward facing” storylines that can be pursued in terms of GoC activity, the real action (or lack thereof) is actually within the supplier community itself. I am of course referring to the ongoing inability […]

Reader Response to SME’s Once Again Voice Concerns Over GoC Shared Services Strategy

February 27, 2008


Reader Comment Let me suggest a couple of perspectives on this that are worth exploring further. While I believe that on the integrated hardware, software and telecomms aspects there can be little doubt that SMEs will be squeezed out unless they can deliver product under a major supplier’s umbrella. However, on the people side, PWGSC […]