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The Road Not Taken: How The Mendocino Project May Have Altered Procurement’s Digital Transformation

April 19, 2023


Is the single solution myth really a myth, or are we looking at the idea through the wrong lens?

True or False: Does employee use of mobile devices personally increase end-user adoption of corporate buying solutions?

January 25, 2012


“Capitalizing on employee acceptance of mobile devices in their personal lives, removes the traditional obstacles to adoption of corporate buying solutions on the part of the end user.” The above is an interesting statement with which to introduce this, the first post in our series on the advent of mobile supply chain solutions. Before getting […]

Oracle launches sourcing software on demand: Why market adaptability may ultimately derail the transition (Part 2)

April 14, 2009


“Recognizing that adoption or end-user compliance is one of the main barriers to a successful program, the ability for project champions to leverage user comfort with known applications such as Excel to access certain functions within the SAP architecture could stimulate stakeholder buy-in, at least internally. By promoting the utilization of SAP through a familiar, […]

Moving Procurement Practice Beyond Adjunct Complexity (COUPA Profile)

September 18, 2008


“Organizations that already have a technology-driven program in place or have just recently implemented one still surprise me with their significant interest in the dramatic changes in procurement methodologies and practices. But rather than focusing learning on new and emerging technologies, today’s procurement professionals seek insights into the actual processes that drive their enterprises. The […]

Network Member Questions and Answers to Emerging Issues

February 7, 2008


Over the past few days the following questions by Network Members were asked and answered.  To access the answers in their entirety visit the CATA Supply (Chain) Practices Hub.  If you are not already a member, send an e-mail to, with “HUB” in the subject line. NOTE: There are no fees associated with joining the […]

The Mendocino Project: A Brilliant Strategy by Microsoft and SAP to Sidestep Anti-Trust Legislation?

December 21, 2007


Earlier this month I wrote a commentary regarding Microsoft’s purported plans to acquire SAP (December 5th, 2007).  While the main focus of my thinking was on the direct (or indirect) impact such an action would have at the client “operational” level, one response viewed the situation through the lens of anti-trust legislation.  Specifically, that “anti-trust […]