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Philadelphia Freedom: Is this the beginning of the end of the traditional RFP process? by Jon Hansen

February 27, 2014


“One of the reasons we don’t necessarily think RFPs are the best way to engage the creative insights of entrepreneurs and some of the most effective problem solvers in our society today is that we prescribe a solution in an RFP. There’s no opportunity for an entrepreneur or innovator to really work with a city […]

Procurement Contests Review by Jon Hansen

August 28, 2013


When I read Alastair Merrill’s post from earlier today regarding the new European Procurement Directives that are likely to be adopted this autumn, there were many points that were notable. One of the changes that caught my attention was Alastair’s reference to innovation partnerships. In and of itself, the concept of leveraging private sector expertise […]

The year ahead in government contracting . . .

December 8, 2011


Note: The following is a post from today’s Contracting Intelligence Blog . . . In the meantime, Government Contractors know full well the game has changed (at least for the short to medium-term).  To use a football analogy, Government Contractor executives will need to decide whether they are trying to make a playoff run on […]

Colin Cram’s 5 Recommendations for a Successful Government Procurement Contest

September 27, 2011


Similar to the Coles Notes or, the . . . For Dummies series of books, 30 year plus UK public sector veteran Colin Cram has, as a lead in to our October interview on the PI Window on Blog Talk Radio, provided his five recommendations for a successful procurement contest initiative. For those who may […]

Procurement Contests Review 3-Part Series

September 5, 2011


Just a quick not to my readers . . . For those who may have missed one of the posts in last week’s 3-Part Procurement Contests Review series, I have created a dedicated page that will provide you with easy access to each post as well as provide you with a venue through which you […]

Government procurement contests (Part 3): A question of (IP) ownership

September 1, 2011


NOTE: The following is an article that was originally published on August 7th, 2008 under the heading Finding the hidden Intellectual Property (IP) value in procurement contracts. While it focused on the unique services of the Future Path organization, its resonance relative to the emergence of procurement contests – especially within the public sector, is […]

Government procurement contests (Part 2): When innovative ideas collide . . .

August 31, 2011


Gèrard Quenneville, an Aylmer engineer who is acting as a liaison between the company and the city on the file, says, “The proposal deserved to be studied in depth.”  Mr. Quenville notes Alpine Energy had been working for four years on the proposal.  Both Mr. Quenville and Mr. Carrière met with Mayor Marc Bureau the […]

Are procurement contests just another way for government to pass the innovation buck to a preferred outside vendor?

August 30, 2011


The basic idea of a procurement contest — sometimes called a prize or challenge — is to set out a performance requirement for a capability that needs development work and offer a prize, usually money, for the first or best entity to produce a product or capability meeting the requirement. from the Contracting Education Academy […]