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Top PI Blog Posts Countdown No. 2: Double Marginalization and the Decentralized Supply Chain

November 2, 2012


Editor’s Note: As we approach my 1,000th Procurement Insights blog post (we are now at 999 posts), I have over the past week, been sharing with you the top 5 posts in terms of overall reads. Today’s submission, which ranked number 2 with 13,077 reads, was written on August 9th, 2007.  The focus of the […]

Oracle launches sourcing software on demand: Why market adaptability may ultimately derail the transition (Part 2)

April 14, 2009


“Recognizing that adoption or end-user compliance is one of the main barriers to a successful program, the ability for project champions to leverage user comfort with known applications such as Excel to access certain functions within the SAP architecture could stimulate stakeholder buy-in, at least internally. By promoting the utilization of SAP through a familiar, […]

Building The Bandwagon: How Bellwether Software’s 23 Year Journey May Very Well Change The Way Organizations Purchase (Bellwether Software Profile)

October 2, 2008


Bell-weth-er (noun): One that serves as a leader or as a leading indicator of future trends (American Heritage Dictionary) Bellwether: A bellwether is any entity in a given arena that serves to create or influence trends or to pressure future happenings (Wikipedia – the free encyclopedia) In a recent post on eWorld, I discussed the […]

Double Marginalization and the Decentralized Supply Chain Revisited

July 16, 2008


Without a doubt, the concept of double marginalization and the resultant issues associated with understanding and addressing its impact represents one of the more complex elements of an organization’s supply chain practice. As the point of convergence of multiple stakeholder interests and the seemingly disparate (some would say contradictory) strategies that define today’s partinioned enterprises, […]

Is There a Poor “Herbie” Anywhere in the Oracle SCM Area?

April 1, 2008


Member Question From the “Theory of Constraints” there is poor Herbie, the infamous bottleneck in the supply chain pipeline.  For any of you who use the Oracle Supply Chain 11.5.9 (or above) platform, is there any built-in “Herbie” that you’ve noticed, or has it been custom code wrapped around vanilla, that effected you most? New […]