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Assimilating Innovation (Part 3 of 3): Tracking “The Game Changers” (3D by Jon Hansen

April 16, 2013


Sometimes – and it doesn’t happen often – one’s own rich history and depth of experience in a particular area intersects with emerging market shifts to provide a moment of epiphanic realization.  What makes this the more exciting, has little to do with being right or calling the shot.  It is instead the actualization of […]

Warehouse Intelligence Versus Warehouse Management: The Baxter Advantage (Baxter Planning Systems Profile)

September 18, 2008


Network Member Question: “What is the best equation to prepare a costing for spare parts in an electronic repair center?” Baxter Answer (Mark Anderson, Vice President, Supply Chain Solutions): “I think we would need more precise information about your environment to offer specific pricing equations, so I’ll use this opportunity to talk in general about […]

Are Multiple Supply Chain Networks Important? (A PI Q and A) Track No. 3

February 18, 2008


The following is the third track in the Q&A series which posed the question, “Are Multiple Supply Chain Networks Important?”  Given the continuing strong reader response, the series will be extended for the balance of this week. PI Question: A 2006 Report made the following statement: “Designing and operating multiple supply networks to meet the […]