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The Groundswell Effect and the Emergence of the Public-Private Partnership Relational Model by Jon Hansen

March 17, 2014


In his book Microtrends: The Small Forces Behind Tomorrow’s Big Changes, Mark Penn argues that the biggest trends in America are the Microtrends, the smaller trends that go unnoticed or ignored. If you think about it for a moment, you will see that Penn is right on the money.  After all, how many of us […]

A Paradigm Shift in Contracting Sensibilities? by Jon Hansen

March 27, 2013


Just this morning I received a notification of an upcoming seminar series presented under the heading “A seminar on Relational Outsourcing Management: Source Relationships, Not Deals or Transactions!”  I am of course quite familiar with both the phrase sourcing relationships not deals, as well as the organization behind the seminar; Strategic Relationships Solutions Inc.  You […]

Check Out My New Paper On How To Make Your Outsourcing Initiatives Successful

December 3, 2012


Use the SlideShare Personal Viewer to read and download the new executive brief on How To Make Your Outsourcing Initiatives Successful: 30

Outsourcing is often blamed for the loss of jobs, but is this a fair assessment?

February 21, 2012


The article draws coloration between outsourcing and job reduction. Outsourcing may be a cost reduction strategy but not an HR transformation strategy. If a private company can do the work better it only means that current operations is inefficient. By outsourcing it, you essentially get your hands on new capabilities to do it better by […]

Accountability and Outcome is a Shared Responsibility in the RFP Process

November 21, 2009


It never fails to amaze me that given the amount of research which goes into the production of each PI Window on Business Show, there are always a number of new insights that come to light during the live broadcast.  In fact this is one of the reasons why social media is so critical to the procurement profession, […]

Exemption from the Competitive Process: Calculating the Costs of Convenience

November 5, 2009

0 Exemptions from the Competitive Process In certain unique circumstances, organizations will not have the ability to go through a competitive process for their procurement activity. This section covers non-competitive purchasing when an organization goes directly to one supplier to meet the requirements of the procurement. There are two main types of direct awards. Single […]

Guest Panel Finalized for Buy American Segment on PI Window on Business

September 18, 2009


As announced in my September 4th post “Buy American: A Clear and Present Danger?” Canada’s Minister of International Trade and Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway Stockwell Day, will be joining us as a guest on the September 28th PI Window on Business Show on Blog Talk Radio. We will be providing Minister Day, who is […]