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Are you still operating in the Buyer Bubble? by Jon Hansen

May 16, 2014


Have you ever read an article or post in which you wanted to say something but then decided maybe it is not worth it.  Perhaps not being worth it is the wrong term, but you know what I mean. Then, and quite unexpectedly by way of another information channel, a different yet relevant comment or […]

Supply Chain Finance (Part 2) Efficiency Over Financing: A 30 Year Public Sector Executive Provides His Take On Supply Chain Financing

March 2, 2011


No, this is the “cost” of doing business with the government. B2G is NOT for everyone and there are no guarantees that after 19.5 months business will occur.  There are resources to help companies long the way, though: PTACs, SBDCs and SCORE are all excellent – see links below.  Like any market niche, there are […]

Response to government’s subsidizing supplier participation seems to be more a question of why versus how

February 23, 2011


In my February 17th post “Supply Chain Finance (Part 1): How do governments finance suppliers when their own credit worthiness is in question?,” I broached the concept of governments financing supplier involvement in the acquisition process as a means of addressing the steadily declining responses to public bids. It is not that outlandish an idea on […]