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From The Shadows Emerges An Invitation To My Readers To Consider Questions Regarding The NIGP by Jon Hansen

May 8, 2015


I received the following e-mail moments ago and will share it with you, unedited and in its entirety: Based on the exposure of Tom Blaine, whether legitimate or not, the provider of this information does not feel they can trust you. But, they feel you are the only chance for a complete story. I am […]

Perfect Commerce Weighs In On The Deep Throat Connection Post by Jon Hansen

April 29, 2015


Thank you, Jason. I will share this with our readers. Please keep in mind that I was not the one to reveal Mr. Blaine’s identity, but said revelation came as a result of his being named by Rick Grimm as one of the respondents to the very RFI he had provided comment on in the […]

Is Respected George Washington University Director of Government Procurement Law The Fall Guy In The NIGP Consulting RFI Controversy? by Jon Hansen

April 28, 2015


“I have been active in NIGP for many years. I have seen it go from an almost ‘mom and pop’ operation to a well-respected international organization. As organizations grow there are growing pains. Pressures are placed upon the organization to provide more and more services. Rick Grim has taken on that challenge and has worked […]

The Deep Throat 2015 – Perfect Commerce Connection by Jon Hansen

April 27, 2015


Since the #CodeGate story broke, I have been kept somewhat busy with the inflow of information regarding the internal goings on at the NIGP.  It feels like I have taken more than 100 pages of notes and reviewed even more in terms of documents online and otherwise provided. What has enabled me to write the posts […]

NIGP Consulting RFI: A Case Of Too Close For Comfort? by Jon Hansen

April 25, 2015


As reported in my last post Was The NIGP Competitive RFI For Their Consulting Arm Really Competitive?, I discovered that one of the six respondents to the NIGP’s “competitive” RFI had a serious case of uneasiness (RFP Solutions), while another (IRIS ) has apparently disappeared off the face of the earth. While I continue my search for […]