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Quantifying The Intagible: How LM3 Cuts Through The Haze Of Partisan Agendas (LM3 Profile,

October 10, 2008


“On October 30th, 2006 Sir Nicholas Stern released his Review, The Economics of Climate Change. Stern described climate change as an economic externality which is an economic transaction that generates a positive or negative (re pollution, global warming etc.) effect for an uninvolved third-party such as the general public. Practically speaking, you could refer to […]

The Socially Responsible Procurement Practice: Moving Beyond Social Consciousness (enterprising non-profits Profile)

September 9, 2008


“The question this raises is quite simply what set of circumstances will elevate green procurement from a nice to do “boutique” status to a more meaningful (and essential) element of a sound purchasing strategy?  At the risk of answering my own question, I do not think that green procurement in and of itself will achieve […]

The Greening of Procurement: How Social Consciousness is Re-Shaping Procurement Practices (White Paper)

April 15, 2008


What is the key to ESG success? Bridging the gap between sustainable capitalism and sustainable purchasing.