Book Excerpt: The Purchasing Professional’s Guide to the Trends, Methodologies and Technologies that are Changing Business Forever

Posted on December 11, 2007


After considerable prompting from my agent and publisher as well as the many professionals who have attended my conferences over the past year, I am pleased to announce that the first in a series of books and tutorials based on my extensive research and experiences will be available in early 2008.

Titled “The Purchasing Professional’s Guide to the Trends, Methodologies and Technologies that are Changing Business Forever,” I will provide unique and compelling insights into our profession that will hopefully make this a must read for professionals both within and outside of an organization’s procurement practice.

The following is a brief excerpt from the book’s Forward.

Book Excerpt

At the beginning of each and every one of my seminars I make the statement that the most important outcome of the time spent together is that those in attendance are inspired to think outside of the framework of that with which they are most familiar and most comfortable.

Whether this is achieved through the introduction of a breakthrough idea or by simply providing a new lens through which an old problem can be viewed, the key is that every individual walk away with a better understanding of the forces that are reshaping what has become a highly visible, extremely critical yet largely misunderstood element of a sound overall enterprise.

What I am of course talking about is procurement, and the impact role today’s procurement professional can and will have on organizational success.

Regardless of whether you work with a public or private sector enterprise, (a senior executive from a multinational manufacturer once admitted that when it comes to e-procurement initiatives the only real difference between the two is that the latter does not broadcast its failures to the world), the core challenges are for the most part similar.

The real question is whether your current organization recognizes you as a strategic contributor to a dynamic vision or simply considers you to be a functional cog in an adjunct accounting exercise.  The fact that 85% of all e-procurement initiatives fail to achieve the expected results would tend to demonstrate that organizations are still having difficulty in making the transitional distinction between a functionally anchored and strategically engaging practice.

In this the first in a series of books and tutorials, I will introduce the unique and evolutionary (some would say revolutionary) changes that are forever reshaping procurement’s role in a dynamic and increasingly globalized marketplace.

Referencing material from my series of seminars as well as past articles and posts to my Procurement Insights Blog, you will be introduced to the emerging trends, methodologies and technologies that are and will continue to change the business landscape in North America as well as around the world.

In subsequent releases in this series, I will delve deeper into areas such as compensation and performance measurement, the emergence of Software as a Service (SaaS) and the Myths surrounding both change management and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).  You may even be surprised to find out that most e-procurement strategies are in actuality based on technological limitations instead of operational efficiencies.

Combined with the ever expanding talent vacuum, (one European study found that for 5,000 recent purchasing graduates there were approximately 75,000 available positions), the demand for expertise will become acute over the next 12 to 18 months.  This means that an enterprise-wide understanding of the factors that define and drive different organizations will create unparalleled opportunities for the dedicated procurement professional.

These are truly the halcyon days for our profession.

Reserving your advanced copy

With an increasingly busy speaking schedule coupled with planned media appearances in the new year and the continuing enthusiastic response to my seminars, my publisher is already looking at a second run.

For those of you who represent the readership base for the Procurement Insights Blog as well as my column (Paradigm Shift) in Summit Magazine, I am pleased to provide you with an opportunity to reserve your advanced copy of “The Purchasing Professionals Guide to the Trends, Methodologies and Technologies that are Changing Business Forever,” or as I like to call it “The Guide.”

To reserve your copy, simply send an e-mail to with the word “The Guide” in the Subject Line.  Please be certain to include your contact coordinates.

An agency representative will contact you prior to shipping in the New Year to confirm your order as well as the preferred payment arrangements by either credit card or PayPal.

Discounts for quantity purchases and Linked In members

Quantity discounts will be offered to those organizations that require multiple copies.

Members of my Linked In community will receive a 15% discount.  To join my Linked In community send me an e-mail at with “Linked In” in the subject line.  There is no cost for joining and in addition to product discounts you will also receive advanced copies of postings to the Procurement Insights Blog.

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