UPDATE: The Key Principles behind the Integrated Enterprise Excellence Methodology (A Procurement Insights Knowledge Leadership Publication)

Posted on February 5, 2009


As a writer, you are never completely certain as to the degree in which a particular article or post will resonate with your readership.  While the growth in the Procurement Insight’s readership base (this year we will hit the 500,000 mark in terms of the number of syndicated subscribers we reach each month worldwide – which has certainly exceeded my expectations and then some), may provide testimony to the fact that I hit more than I miss, the response to the recently released IEE white paper “The Key Principles behind the Integrated Enterprise Excellence Methodology,” has been tremendous.  

Besides the number of times the paper has been viewed/downloaded since being introduced a week ago, and the fact that it was even rated as a favorite by SlideShare co-founder and CTO Jonathan Boutelle, the real indication of its impact is demonstrated by the “discussion activity” within a variety of network forums and groups.

As any seasoned writer will tell you, stimulating interest to the point that someone will take the time to actually write and submit a comment on a piece you have written is a true measurement of its impact.  And while there have been many positive comments about the paper, I am not talking about reaching a consensus of agreement.  What I am talking about is the importance of stimulating meaningful and intelligent debate regardless of what side of an issue one is on.

In fact, it is through productive and insightful disagreement that true progress is made.  Or as a senior IBM executive once told me, “if both of us agree on everything, then one of us is redundant.”

That said if you would like to get into the discussion to add your proverbial “two cents” but have not yet had the opportunity to download the IEE white paper, here is the link to obtain your free copy: http://www.slideshare.net/guesta025e8/integrated-enterprise-excellence-white-paper-presentation  

I am also happy to provide you with the links to just two of the forums in which the exchange of comments has been most interesting:

Lean Six Sigma: http://www.linkedin.com/groupAnswers?viewQuestionAndAnswers&discussionID=1271188&gid=37987&readyToAnswer=false

Continuous Improvement, Six Sigma, & Lean Group: http://www.linkedin.com/groupAnswers?viewQuestionAndAnswers=&gid=52933&discussionID=1298328&commentID=1626821#commentID_1626821  

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