PI Window on Business’ First 90-Minute Special Provides Insight into the Real Threat that a Global Pandemic Poses to Supply Chains

Posted on May 25, 2009


For “Want of a Nail” has been called “The Proverbial Rhyme” in that it illustrates how small and seemingly non-related actions can lead to significant consequences.

Certainly the July 20th, 2007 Wall Street Journal article titled “A Key Strategy of Japan’s Car Makers Backfires,” gives compelling testimony to the truth behind the “Nail” proverb.  Specifically, it is the fact that a piston ring costing a mere $1.50 temporarily paralyzed 70 percent of Japan’s auto production for one week.

If a seemingly innocuous, but obviously important “Nail” can create a chain reaction of events that can result in such catastrophic consequences, what impact will a more significant event or crisis such as a worldwide pandemic have on a globalized and increasingly interdependent world?

Joining me on the Special PI Window on Business May 26th broadcast, “For Want of a Nail: The Pandemic Effect” is an esteemed researcher from the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease and Research Policy (CIDRAP), Nick Kelley.

Nick Kelley

Nick Kelley

Joining us for the final 30 minutes of this 90-Minute Special is Felipe Portocarrero who is the Chief Operating Officer from Volo Recovery.  Felipe will provide practical insight into the preventative measures organizations can take to mitigate the risk and impact caused by a pandemic.

Felipe Portocarrero

Felipe Portocarrero

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Thursday PI Window on Business Regular Broadcast to Examine Supply Chain Risk in General

Almost two-thirds of the executives who responded to a McKinsey 2006 survey indicated that the risk(s) to their supply chains has increased dramatically.  Yet despite this realization, a “significant number” state that their respective companies do not make the necessary investment of time and resources to mitigate said risk(s).

In the May 28th PI Window on Business show I welcome Norman Katz President of U.S.-based Katzscan.  As one of the most respected professionals in the field of risk assessment and resolution, Norman will share his thoughts in terms of defining supply chain risk, and explain why it is more often than not overlooked by the majority of organizations.

Norman Katz

Norman Katz

Use the following Link to access the May 28thSecuring Your Supply Chain” broadcast on PI Window on Business.

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