The Taking of Pelham 123 . . . How Blueprint Would Have Saved the Day

Posted on June 1, 2009


I was recently asked to explain how Lombardi’s Blueprint would address a procurement department’s needs relative to managing an organization’s increasingly demanding and at times complex supply chain – and to do so in a manner which would best illustrate the solution’s overall effectiveness.

As is often the case, flashes of insight can and do occur at the most unexpected times and under the most surprising circumstances.  In the case of Blueprint, the breakthrough came while I was watching a commercial for the updated version of the movie The Taking of Pelham 123 (I am of course a big fan of the original version which starred Walter Matthau whose character is now played by Denzel Washington).  And no, it wasn’t Walter Matthau who established the tie-in of the film to Lombardi’s Business Process Mapping application. What did was the shot of the subway’s central command facility and more spefically the control panels that provide critical information regarding the subway system’s operations.  Specifically, Blueprint is like the control panels which monitor and provide updates of where the subway trains are at any given point on a real-time basis.  And like the subway system’s control panels which instantly tells the team when and where a problem occurs, Blueprint provides similar insight with regard to an organization’s supply chain.

Think of Lombardi’s Blueprint as your organization’s central control panel.  It can be accessed by stakeholders (re buyers and suppliers) on a controlled basis in real-time to highlight via comment entry when and where they encounter a problem.

This advanced capability, moves issues from vague complaints of an “overall system,” to practical and actionable notifications that are centrally monitored and can be responded to within the framework of the entire operation.

Just think of the enormous impact that a networked interactive tool such as Blueprint (which is available on a free trial basis), will have in terms of effecting meaningful collaboration with buyers, suppliers as well as other key stakeholders.  With full and extended supply chain visibility, you can actually see and respond to localized concerns in the context of the the big picture, and make decisions to implement necessary changes on a deliberate and tangible basis.  Blueprint even provides an electronic audit trail to both simplify and expedite your ability to communicate across the entire enterprise.

I truly believe that Blueprint’s capability will truly revolutionize the approach that organizations will take to maximize supply chain/purchasing performance and adoption.

Story Epilog

Recalling my original task of having to illustrate how Blueprint would meet a procurement department’s need to effectively manage their supply chain operation, was the Pelham 123 analogy effective.  Here is what what one senior executive had to say:

“Great analogy!  Yes, I do see how Blueprint could give that visibility.

Thanks again for sending Lombardi my way!”

In the spirit of the old saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” use the following Free Trial Link to see Blueprint in action.

(PI Blogger Note: Watch the original Pelham 123 movie before you see the remake.  While it may not have the special effects punch of today’s version it is still a timeless classic.)

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