eWorld Dispatch 3 – Transforming Procurement & the Supply Chain to Deliver Value for the National Nuclear Laboratory

Posted on October 14, 2010


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One of the great advantages of covering live events such as the eWorld Conference in London at the end of September is the fact that you get an opportunity to expand your knowledge base through the experiences of those on the front lines of the procurement world.

For example, in the presentation by Wayne Muckley who is the Head of Procurement at the National Nuclear Laboratory, we gained a unique perspective on the development of his procurement department’s capability since 2005, when the company was originally established.

This is of course exciting as it provides us with a rare glimpse into a purchasing model in which its formation actually coincided with the mainstream emergence of the Software-as-a-Service offering, as well as the early transformation of procurement from being an adjunct function of finance to playing a more critical role as a strategic asset in its own right.

Of course, and as reported in a September supply management.com article titled “Nuclear Labs targets £500k savings,” Muckley doesn’t just provide a broad or abstract conceptual view of what he refers to as a “journey,” but instead delivers meaningful insights that you will likely find useful in assessing the development and performance of your own purchasing organization.

Suffice to say that Wayne’s insights about his own company’s purchasing performance is a worthwhile listen, which I of course invite you to do through the following link; (eWorld) Transforming Procurement & the Supply Chain to Deliver Value.

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