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Posted on December 2, 2010


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The 49th Parallel Forum is a 60 Minute Show on the Blog Talk Radio Network that will tackle head on the most thought-provoking and controversial topics of the day in which a viewpoint from an American perspective and a viewpoint from a Canadian perspective will be debated with A List guests from the world of business, politics and entertainment.

From South of the 49th Parallel . . . About Jim Bouchard

Sensei Jim Bouchard

Jim Bouchard tours nationally to teach his Black Belt Mindset philosophy at conferences and for corporate audiences.

His second book, Think Like a Black Belt is an Amazon BESTSELLER!

He regularly appears on radio and TV around the world sharing his message of excellence, discipline, focus and opportunity.

Having been on our show before, an energetic, fast-paced and memorable 45-Minute segment that felt more like 5 minutes, I came to understand the foundations of Jim’s “Dynamic Components of Personal Power,” that made him “America’s Black Belt Powervator.”

In my preparation for his return to the PI Window on Business, I have come to see the true power of his message as a call to personal responsibility and action.

Expressing a take-your-bull-by-the-horns type message that is reminiscent of Your Children Are Your Own Fault, and People Are Idiots and I Can Prove It author Larry Winget, who wholeheartedly recommends Jim’s newest book as a must read, Jim talks about passion, focus and perseverance.

While the words themselves, and the principles behind them are not new, the lens through which Jim views them call upon the enduring principles of the long ago Xiansheng Masters before modern language and the business vernacular of today turned them into the far to commonly used buzz words they have now become.

In short, Jim’s message and book take you back in time to truly understand the very origins of the courage and passions taught by the Lǎoshī, which when earnestly applied in the here and now lay the foundations for true transformation.

From North of the 49th Parallel . . . About Jon Hansen

Now a veteran of more than 200 shows on the Blog Talk Radio Network, Jon Hansen has delivered highly informative and thought-provoking segments on his critically acclaimed PI Window on Business Show. In fact social media experts have called the PI Window one of the most popular Pod-casts in North America.

Recently cracking the famed Social Media Bible as one of the trendsetters that is influencing how businesses can leverage social media to compete and win market share in the conversational marketing era, Jon is set to release his third book, which is a collaborative effort with television’s Cop Doc Dr. Richard Weinblatt, in early 2011.

Leveraging the Power of Internet Radio

In the meantime, remember to check out Jon’s first book Your Show Will Go Live in 5 Seconds (Confessions of a Blog Talk Radio Host), which will provide you with an A to Z road-map 0n how you can leverage Internet Radio to both establish and expand a sustainable conversational brand.


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