IBX Capgemini Purchasing Executive Summit continues to deliver valuable insight

Posted on December 3, 2010


The true value of a presentation or seminar is found in its timeless value to the audience it is intended to serve.

A similar principle can of course be tied to almost any form of communication including blog posts, as demonstrated by the enduring popularity of articles that I have written over the years on subjects such as “How Vulnerable Are We To A Cyberattack?” and, “Double Marginalization and the Decentralized Supply Chain.”

Of course you cannot always predict which topics are going to resonate in perpetuity with an audience so you have to focus on delivering information that is well researched, grounded in fact and quite frankly about which you are most passionate.

Based on our coverage of the IBX Capgemini Purchasing Executive Summit in early October, of the many valuable insights that were delivered through the panoply of senior executive presentations, one that seems to stand out the most is the one by Ericsson’s Chief Procurement Officer Petter Järtby.

Titled “Sourcing Excellence Program – Purchasing Transformation at Ericsson,” Mr. Järtby provided a unique and rare look into the telecommunication and data communication systems giant emphasizing why companies need to change the way they look upon purchasing, through a pragmatic, inside view of the successful program at Ericsson.

Without going into too great a detail (I will let you peruse the following PowerPoint presentation at your own convenience), the fact that IBX Capgemini was able to facilitate such an in depth knowledge exchange at the Summit in Stockholm speaks to the shifting interests in terms of what the market values.

In short, product features – functions – benefits along with high gloss promotional material whether in hand or virtually delivered is quickly discarded as being little more than self-serving broadcast information.  Conversely, and by providing gently-branded critical insights into the inner workings of a successful program of a internationally recognized company, IBX Capgemini establishes their value as a true information and intelligence resource partner.

This is an important distinction from both a practical and branding perspective as it reflects the power to engage and inform through conversational marketing, which is the primary benefit of the emerging world of social media and social networking.

All this being said content will and forever continue to be king, and in this regard the Järtby presentation delivers!

Sourcing Excellence Program – Purchasing Transformation at Ericsson


In a world where purchasing and supply chain strategies are a core aspect of almost any business model; the purchasing function is experiencing an unprecedented amount of attention. And rightfully so; recent research has shown that 90 percent of all innovations come from suppliers upstream in the supply chain. Successful manufacturing companies, such as IKEA and Dell, have made efficient purchasing and supply chain strategy core aspects of their business models. On the other end of the spectrum you find disruptions, such as the ones in the Boeing 787 Dreamliner/Airbus A350-race, which are directly related to supply chain issues. Purchasing should be ranked high on the agenda of any company with ambitions in the global market.

This session provides valuable insights on why companies need to change the way they look upon purchasing, by providing you with a pragmatic, inside view through the lens of the successful program at Ericsson.

Over the next 50 minutes, Ericsson’s Chief Procurement Officer Petter Järtby will describe how a purchasing function can transform into a modern and strategic function that will be ready for the challenges of tomorrow . . . today. Dealing with subjects such as organization and governance, value assessment as well as sourcing and procurement; Petter will provide perspectives on purchasing transformation on a number of different levels.

About Petter Järtby:

Petter Järtby is the Chief Procurement Officer for Ericsson.

At Ericsson they are using innovation to empower people, business and society. Ericsson’s mobile and fixed networks, multimedia solutions and telecom services make a real difference to people’s lives and the world we live in, and are an essential part of a sustainable society.