Satago’s quiet emergence represents the tip of the iceberg in terms of the A/R challenges suppliers face by Jon Hansen

Posted on May 14, 2014


Editor’s Note: Even though this story originates on the other side of the Atlantic, the underlying message is universal . . . slow paying buyers put the market at risk!

Procurement Insights EU Edition

“According to some figures, SMEs in the UK are paid 41 days late on average, creating big cash flow issues. The EU estimates this leads to up to 25% of company bankruptcies.”

It is unfortunate that our industry is far too often focused on the big news and big players of the procurement world because it means that we sometimes miss the smaller, seemingly innocuous stories that have the ability to change the industry.  It is kind of like the old big oaks grow from little acorns perspective that has led me to always look for the potential game changers that generally fall outside of mainstream awareness.

Take for example the story from which the above excerpt was taken.

About 1 hour ago, Mike Butcher’s TechCrunch article shared the news that UK-based Satago, had secured $1M to “expand its automated credit control business.”

When I read $1M, I was…

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