Analysis of SME tenders (Prologue) by Ceri Evans, Institute for Competition and Procurement Studies

Posted on July 18, 2014


Editor’s Note: Here is the Prologue to the Part 2 post on SME tendering by the Institute of Competition and Procurement Studies.

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Editor’s Note: Based on the tremendous response we received to Part 2 of the Analysis of SME tenders post by Ceri Evans, we are pleased to accommodate the requests we have received from our readers to share with you Part 1 (Prologue) below.

Ceri Evans - Institute for Competition and Procurement Studies Ceri Evans – Institute for Competition and Procurement Studies

It has been a long-standing criticism of many SMEs that they feel they do not receive sufficient meaningful feedback from public procurers following the outcome of a procurement exercise.

The word ‘meaningful’ is important, because feedback in this form presents an opportunity for SMEs to improve and put in stronger submissions next time around. At the same time, it also helps prevent the recurrence of suppliers submitting poor submissions that have little chance of success, but which still result in significant transactional and opportunity costs for tenderers and public sector evaluators.

Mindful that poor feedback is often quoted…

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