What Is A High Performing Business Relationship? by Andy Akrouche

Posted on September 6, 2014


Editor’s Note: Interesting post on Andy Akrouche’s Relational Contracting Intelligence Blog – especially in relation to my interview on Thursday with Kate Vitasek. Are we on the verge of redefining the meaning of relationship in complex contracting?

Relational Contracting Intelligence Blog

In my previous post Are You Ready To Become Relational, I talked about the need to move beyond the semantical definition of a business relationship to a state of relational readiness.  Specifically, positioning your organization to look outside of the narrowly defined and largely ineffective performance-based contracting model, to an adaptive relational framework that is focused on improving outcomes.

A critical element of this transition begins with the recognition that both objectives and stakeholder capabilities can and frequently do change from the point of initial engagement.  Recognizing the inevitability of change in complex business relationships is the first step.  Next, you must create a framework for managing these changes within the context of both existing as well as new relationships.

This is the point of relational readiness towards which organizations must work.

In doing so, there are three distinct areas of focus.  Today we will discuss the first; defining…

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