Converting knowledge into sustainable action by Andy Akrouche

Posted on October 6, 2014


Editor’s Note: How do you make the transition from the planning stage to the execution stage. This post from Andy Akrouche’s Relational Contracting Intelligence blog talks about the importance of answering this question as part of the vendor selection process.

Relational Contracting Intelligence Blog

I recently came across an interesting article which talked about the fact that businesses spend far more time and money on training programs that do not ultimately “deliver, develop or demonstrate long-term results.”

The article then went on to say that “to make new behaviors sustaining,” you have to “translate knowledge into committed action.”   In short, if there is truly to be an investment payback, training “must endure beyond a moment in time insight,” and “inspire and empower ongoing action through practical application.”

The above sums up perfectly the enduring principles behind the creation and operationalization of the Relationship Charter.

As a key tenet of the Relationship-based Model (Relational Model), the Relationship Charter  provides a collaborative framework that defines the relationship, its method of planning, implementing and operational management activities.  At its core, it is a living document.

The focus of this third post in the Are You Ready To…

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